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the 17 mile marker of the marathon Antworten

Scientific papers from the primary literature can often be dry and really hard to read, but ultimately they are the source of much of the information that goes into books published for more general audiences. I hope to begin adding some posts/podcast episodes where I take a particular journal Nike Air Max 90 Womens article related to running and try to distill it in a more general and accessible way. I have a few in mind already, so expect to see at least a few of these come out in the coming months.When I first started this blog, it was largely personal in nature. I talked about my family, my running, etc. I seem to have gotten away from that a bit lately, and more of that type of material winds up on Twitter and dailymile these days. I’d like to get back to writing more personal posts like this one from time to time, and I’d love to hear if people like reading this kind of stuff. Let me know!Whether any of the above happens will largely depend on how sleeping progresses for my newborn son (check out my new Runblogger Podcast episode for details on the baby!). I tend to work best at night, but lately I’ve spent most of my evenings with the baby, Nike Air Max Classic BW Femme meaning that posting time has been more unpredictable, so I’m fully expecting that a degree of opportunism will have to persist when it comes to this blog!Sometimes a few simple pictures and videos can speak volumes. As part of my final set of lectures in my exercise physiology class this semester, I discussed the current state of affairs in the United States regarding physical activity, obesity, and the relationship of each of these to disease trends (I focused primarily on heart disease). The picture that I painted for my students was Nike Air Max 270 Femme not pretty – take a look at the information below, and I think you’ll agree.As someone who teaches about the positive health benefits of exercise, but who also has seen firsthand these benefits to my own body, these maps concern me greatly. It seems pretty clear that the least physically active areas of the country are also the most obese, and most prone to diabetes and death from heart disease. There are certainly socioeconomic factors involved here that complicate things, but these data are still compelling. It is for this reason that I Nike Air Max 90 Dames Wit encourage anyone reading this to be an advocate for exercise. Set a positive example for your families, your neighbors, and your community by getting active – it will benefit you, and it will benefit them. Even if its as small a thing as lacing up a pair of shoes and heading out the door for a walk, Nike Air Max Classic BW Womens all of us have the ability to be the positive examples that this country needs. Be that example.A few weeks ago I posted a slow-motion video of Ryan Hall from the 2010 Boston Marathon that was taken by a pair of my undergraduate students (thanks Erin and Daniella!). They headed down to Newton on Marathon Monday to watch and film portions the race, and as it turns out, they managed to capture some amazing slow-motion video of approximately the first 1000 runners to pass by near the 17 mile marker of the marathon. Below is a clip showing Nike Air Max 270 Homme slow-motion video of the first six men to pass by the point where they were stationed. The video was filmed at 300 frames-per-second with a Casio Exilim EX-F1 digital camera (you can read my overview of the Casio EX-F1 here if you’re interested in the technology), so this is true high-speed video.Now, I make no claims of being an expert on running biomechanics, however, I have spent countless hours over the past few months analyzing slow-motion video of footstrikes (over 1500 of them!) for a project I have been working on with some of my undergraduate students. As you can see with these videos, even at 300fps it can be hard at times to classify very borderline cases, and doing so with a regular camera at 30fps would be near impossible – this is why I’m hesitant to trust many of the videos of elites that I see posted on sites like Nike Air Max 90 Femme YouTube.

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