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25.10.2019 10:24
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Second, typically the strong visual impact in the billboard effect. On the surface, wang tsai launched the "big snack" is just a peripheral item, but also ACTS as a billboard. Just imagine, such a huge "wangzai steamed bun", no matter where it really is placed on the counter, wherever consumers take it, will be very eye catching, causing others' curiosity along with attention, equivalent to a cellular billboard.
Thirdly, the re-creation of classic products can excite people's nostalgia. Wangwang snack foods, which accompany the growth of your generation, are fond remembrances of many people's childhood. These days, flourishing flourishing with "adult edition" the consumer after traditional product feedback grows up, often the nostalgic Wholesale Newport Cigarettes mood that can contact people naturally.
Two, "wang tsai big steamed bun" what can be learned
1st, is the product Buy Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online "figure" within the variable. Wangzai is very proficient at making things bigger. Once the iPhone is hot, it Marlboro Lights Cigarettes is going to introduce "snow cake plus" and "simpet x". Whenever a TV series is hot, it will eventually cooperate with the actors inside drama to launch a number of little stars after they develop.

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