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Li Qingzhao, a generation of poets. Have a delicate heart, extremely lingering feelings. Let us enjoy this moment together, the heavenly immortal, Li Qingzhao, drunk a beautiful banquet. Respecting Li Qingzhao, drunk for her words. The initial Li Qingzhao was the first "Land of Dreams", "forwarding, fighting, and awakening a gull heron. Li Qingzhao, a child, was carefree, as Xin Qiji said: "The boy does not know the taste. "The troubled world of 900 years ago changed everything. She was forced to leave her home more than 900 years ago. At this time, she is almost middle-aged. As she said: "Looking for it, cold and clear, ��I am imagining a tired middle-aged woman, like "the phoenix tree is more drizzle, to the twilight." This time, how can I get a word? "From "No way, no wind, no wind, no one is thinner than Huanghua" can see her thoughts about her husband and the sorrow of the country's death. Li Qingzhao tasted the flowers and made a lot of heart. The Huayue Moonshadow should be the same, and the random cups and dishes are sloppy, and the "testing curtains are made, but the sea otters are still there." Knowing whether, whether or not, it should be the beauty of green fat red and thin, brewing the beauty of "Butterfly Love Flower, Warm Day and Clear Wind, and Breaking the Frozen", brewing "Don't hold a dream, no nightmare, no nightmare The softness of "getting" makes people all admire. The reason why she began to recite Li Qingzhao's words is because her words are all imaginative beauty. Sitting in the time machine, through the history of 900 years Marlboro Red, returning to the Southern Song Dynasty, see the master The pen is fascinating and fascinating; watching the master's drinking and lyrics are comfortable and comfortable. In Li Qingzhao's lyrics, we can see her life and extraordinary experiences. "Lonely and profound, the intestines are thousands of inches. "The wind is full of dust and flowers, and I am tired of combing my hair on the night." Things are people who are not doing things, and tears flow first. "The festival is also full of yang, jade pillows, and the first half of the night." "Li Qingzhao's words and sentences, such as the waterfalls falling in the mountains, such as the Populus euphratica standing up in the desert, have been passed down like this. With the continuous progress of the times, Li Qingzhao��s painful things have already been answered, but when we accidentally Looking back at the storms of the millennium, I can always see the beautiful god who stood in the autumn wind. Li Qingzhao is not only a poet in the hearts of Chinese people Newport Cigarettes Coupons, she has become a legend like the wind. In each flower blossoms Falling, every yin and yin is missing Cigarettes For Sale, I will think of Li Qingzhao and walk into the world of Li Qingzhao.
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