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Zhang Lili is an ordinary teacher who teaches at the 19th Middle School in Jiamusi City. At 20:38 on May 8, 2012, in front of the school, when a bus was waiting for the teachers and students to get on the bus, the driver accidentally touched the joystick and caused the vehicle to run out of control and slammed into the student. Zhang Lili, who could have escaped, tried to save the students. In a critical situation, she pushed the students aside, but she was unfortunately crushed under the car, causing amputation of her legs, comminuted fracture of the pelvis, and life dying. Four other students were injured. Zhang Lili wrote a song of heroic devotion with a weak body. This is the story of Zhang Lili, the most beautiful teacher. In my eyes, it is not necessary to call it the most beautiful teacher. Almost all the teachers who give students encouragement can be called the "most beautiful teachers." At the moment I stepped into junior high school on July 20th, I felt a complicated mood Marlboro Red, which was full of excitement and confusion. At this time, I felt helpless and I don't know how to be good. At this time, I remembered the elementary school. Maybe it was not gorgeous, it was not so big, but it still made me feel warm. Into the classroom, looking at a strange face into and out, feeling that nothing is good. At this time, I remembered the old classmates, maybe not a good partner, but still worth remembering. The class teacher walked into the classroom with a crisp footstep, which made it clear that this was a kind teacher. The complicated mood finally eased. At this moment, I think of the teacher's words: "The most important thing in the first day is to adapt. You should move to a home." Saying, crying. In the past six years, we have changed a lot of teachers, each no more than three years, except her. In the past three years, she has devoted a lot of effort, we learn together and exercise together. We made her happy and made her angry. She had a vivid and interesting math class, and I didn't have a minute to slip through my mind Newport Cigarettes, all of which remained in my memory and could not be forgotten. In my opinion, almost all the praises of the vocabulary are just the tip of the iceberg. She cares for us like a mother, but when we make a mistake, she will also severely criticize it Carton Of Cigarettes. For three years, she taught us a lot of mathematics and taught us a lot of life. These three years are a treasure in my memory and even in my life, filled with my heart.
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