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With robberies and other workplace violence constantly in the news Cheap Ja'Whaun Bentley Jersey , you may be wondering how to protect yourself at work. Whether you are an employer or an employee, workplace safety is very important. While you should be able to trust security guards and policemen to come to your aid, you should also be prepared to handle such situations as they occur.

While you should re-consider your decision to work in a very dangerous workplace, the truth is that nearly any industry could leave you open for such an attack, particularly if you deal with the public regularly. There are no industries that are immune to such attacks Cheap Jonathan Jones Jersey , either from outsiders or from disgruntled employees.

Workplace self defense is a tricky subject because employers may become liable if an employee is hurt on the job, and therefore many employers would prefer it if the employee did not try to apprehend the attacker or robber. However, in some cases this may be necessary for self defense.

When working in an industry that is frequently targeted, such as gas stations or banks, panic buttons are often available to set off an alarm Cheap Josh Gordon Jersey , either audible or silent, in case of such an attack. As many employees have been told, simply press the alarm button and hand over the money or anything else the robber is after. However, if the assailant has any sort of weapon, or is not easily deterred Cheap Danny Shelton Jersey , an alarm may not be enough.

Employers should provide their employees with a safe work environment, and indeed, some provide pepper spray, automatic locking doors, or other devices to deter attacks. Most companies have taken at least some steps to ensure that their employees remain safe. Some even provide self-defense seminars to teach you how they would like you to handle such incidents.

However Cheap Malcom Brown Jersey , if you work in an environment where you are afraid of such an attack, there are a few things that you can do on your own to help give you peace of mind. Taking a proactive role in your own safety is a must, particularly if your job takes you into deserted areas or occurs during the night or early morning hours. Enrolling in a self defense class can teach you strategies to make you more confident. Besides learning your own self defense tactics, consider carrying a small canister of pepper spray in your pocket. They can even be found in keychain size, easily concealed.

Though many companies do not want their employees carrying around knives or guns Cheap Joe Thuney Jersey , and in fact it may be against company policy, a small pepper spray canister makes a wise investment to protect you while you are at work. They cause no lasting harm, and can be perfectly concealed until they are needed. Having such a device in your pocket gives you the confidence to go about your day, knowing that you can handle any situation that arises. At the same time, be careful not to become over-confident; you should always let the professionals handle such situations Cheap Deatrich Wise Jr. Jersey , if possible.

Many employers fail to provide training or methods for self defense, believing that "it won't happen here." This simply isn't the case; it is crucial to prepare for such incidents. Preparing yourself for self defense at work by learning strategies and carrying pepper spray is a wise decision if you want to be safe at work.lindsey nicole
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