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08.11.2019 08:29
I watched Feng Zikai's "M Antworten

I watched Feng Zikai's "My Mother", such as the slender hand and the calming strings, the heart can not be calm for a long time, I want to shout: life is true, holy mother love! Mother, come back to me! Since my parents divorced, my stepmother gave birth to a younger brother, and I became a lonely person. Therefore, I often think of my happy time with my mother. When I was a child, my mom took me here to play and watch it there. Where there is fun, there will always be me and my mother. She sometimes took me to climb the mountain and feel the beauty of nature. How happy, how happy, how happy I was! I realized the greatness of maternal love and the selflessness of maternal love. I remember that time, when I was three years old, because of my mouth, I took my grandmother��s high blood pressure medicine as a sugar and ate it bit by bit. After a while, I was faint, so I ran to the mother who was washing. Said: "Mom, I want to sleep Carton Of Cigarettes, my head is so faint!" Mom stopped the work in her hand, undressed me, waited for me to sleep, then carefully walked away and continued to work. At noon, I didn't get up yet. My mother didn't feel right. I immediately picked me up. I was soft, like no bones. This was frightening my mother. At this time, my grandmother used to take medicine and found that the medicine was gone. She immediately told her mother that her mother suddenly realized that when she picked up, she ran to the hospital. When I arrived at the hospital, my mother didn't take a break. I wiped my sweat with my sleeves and immediately registered me. When I was in the laboratory test, I saw the doctor's sharp needle and scared to cry. After the needle went in, I cried even more. My mother comforted me and teased me Cigarettes Online. I suddenly burst into laughter. The result came out: the drug poisoning doctor said that he had to die one hour later, and the mother took a sigh of relief but was hospitalized. My mother is accompanying every day. I have to take two shots every day. I am very afraid. My mother encourages me, tells me stories, tells jokes, and finally takes my mobile phone out and lets me play Newport 100S. Under the care of my mother, I didn't cry, but my mother had already burst into tears. But my mother and I lived together for a long time. When I was six years old, my mother and my father quarreled. The more we quarreled, the more I finally left me when I was ten. Only leave that deep thoughts. Dad later found me a stepmother. My stepmother couldn��t be so good to me. I wanted to eat something delicious at the beginning. She gave me the food left. She was not satisfied with what I did for her. Once, I care about her, give her a call to greet her, she screamed: "What's the matter! Nothing to call!" I am very angry, I cried, crying for a long time, I want to check the information online. She refused me and said, "What computer to play! Read it for me!" And she, always playing games on the computer, day or night. She was very gentle to me in front of my dad. Without her father, I became her servant. After a while, she said, "Pour a glass of water!" Just said, "Give me a pair of socks!"... I don't know How many tears flowed, I want my mother to come back to me, mom, mom! Come back to see your son! Mom, come back to me!
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