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08.11.2019 08:29
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In the early morning after the drizzle, the curtains fluttered with a cool breeze. The faint, almost odorless fragrance in the wind made my heart tremble. I hurriedly put down the book in my hand, and when I couldn��t attend the shoes, I ran barefoot to the door. That smudged red, after the baptism of drizzle, more and more delicate. I seem to have forgotten the tingling of the sharp sand under my feet, caressing the fresh petals, and looking at the green hills covered by the mist... I vaguely remember that you hold the book and squint at the intoxicated look under the shade of the trees. When I was a child, I liked to pounce on your arms and grab the book that was slightly yellow. You always feel distressed and said: "Taro, be careful, don't break it." I saw you nervous, and I laughed happily. And you always say: "Shantou, you have to go to college to know later? Then there is a good fortune. Now think about your tone, all are full of regrets. But, regret, how can it be in the era of gunfire and artillery? Life is fortunate to take advantage of the hard-to-swallow grass roots, bark, you Wholesale Cigarettes, live, college dream, broken. You lost your savings, trapped in this small mountain area. Yes! It is regrettable The field rice is fragrant, golden everywhere, and your old face is also showing a blank smile. At this time, you will always take me and bring a pot of wine to the house. Through the forest, turn over the mountain Depart early in the morning, near noon, you will come to visit the Red Army who died for the country in the war. They are all warriors! You don't know! When you talk about them, what shines in your eyes is pride. You alone Sitting on the top of the mountain, sometimes sad, sometimes gratifying, sometimes silent, sometimes talking about the leaves and sorrows, heaven and earth seem to have lost their brilliance, leaving only the bleak gray. You are alone, telling the endless mourning that year, you Going to the hill again, didn't bring me A person with a cane Newport Cigarettes, step by step, does not let people follow. Just remember, after returning, you said, "Flower blossoms, leaves must return to the roots." I don't understand, but also near dusk, sunset red, reflecting On your face, there is a full sorrow. My nose is sour for half a month, my house is covered with white strips, my friends and relatives gather, and when everyone is screaming at your photo, crying, I am confused. Standing on the side, at that time, I didn��t understand what death remembered the most. My aunt pinched a piece on my lap and said, ��If your grandfather hurts you so much, now he��s dead and he��s not seen you crying Marlboro Lights... "I don't know if you can't come back anymore. I screamed, and I finally cried out. Forgot, it was a leg pain or a heartache, and the camellia in front of the door was still in full swing. You said that the flower is sent to you by an old Red Army. "When the flowers bloom, the country should be liberated. There is no war, how good!" "He said so. So you planted flowers in front of you with expectation. Day after day, year after year, I hope that I know that we all believe that people will be sunny after the rain, so we wait It��s raining and falling, wet the tree, wet the flowers, and wet my eyes. Put down the flowers in your hands.
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