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e in to avoid the rain, no Buy tea. "This shop sells tea. There is no other tea shop's clear price tag. It's less than that. It's only calm, and it's accompanied by the rain outside the window. I am afraid that you misunderstood and explained. You smiled and waved. Said: "I know. Come sit here and sit down. "I didn't hesitate, just went. Sit down. You are drinking tea. It is an unknown tea, amber, obviously, it has been poured a lot of time. The air is filled with a fragrance, long And it��s so far, hey. Maybe you saw me watching for a long time, getting up, taking out a small bag of tea, a cup, brown, classical from the room behind me. Your lips are blooming: "Look at you." Rain, drink a cup of tea, warm up. "This is a kind woman, I think so. You gently hold the teapot, the water slowly flows down, flows into the cup, and flows into your heart. The tea leaves rolling in the water, turning over and over, like a group of noisy Little girl, dancing like a lady in ancient China. In a short while, the tea spreads and spreads into my heart. It is long and long, and hey. Thank you." I took this cup of toon. You never care. "Excuse me, what kind of tea is this, it must be very expensive." Well, it is really expensive, it is too hard for it. "Seeing my surprise, you went on to say, 'Oriental Beauty Tea Cheap Cigarettes.' When this tea tree matures, it will suffer from insect pests, bites by insects, and even death. At this time, it will concentrate all its energies. Come and play a 'Life Defend'. It will mobilize all the roots, desperately pick up the sun and rain, then scent, attract other insects to help it drive away the enemy. Legend has it, British merchants dedicated its winning tea to Victoria Queen, the Queen's heart was shocked, named "Oriental Beauty Tea" I bowed my head and took a sip: no bitterness, only sweetness. When you have pain in your life, just straighten your waist, clench your teeth, and be patient. Bake out a long-lasting fragrance. This is what I learned from tea. And, what about you? An ordinary woman has a wealth of knowledge, and some people may say that you are buying tea, know so much, still It's convenient to sell tea! From you, I didn't see the naked utilitarian, only indifferent, I only saw the low-key water is boiling, the heart is quiet. You hold a cup of fragrant, talk, just like that Tea, scattered It is not only the beauty of the moon, the beauty of the country, the elegance, the beauty, you have the ordinary face, but the beauty is shocking. The low-key beauty is the infinite beauty. You, I am fortunate. [Part 3] and a string of foot prints, unexpected encounters. Snow, silently underground all night, soft and white snow covered with branches, like cotton candy. Recently a series The blow made me depressed, I was troubled by my own value, so ordinary, I could do something with laughter. A little boy, wearing a bulging down jacket, walking in the snow. He gently plunged his toes The thick snow quilt, slightly turned, the small head swayed, and carefully pulled out the foot to the ground to print a small, rounded footprint Newport Cigarettes Coupons, quiet and quiet like a sleeping baby. "Mom! Look at you! I printed a word on the snow! He swayed and ran to the distance, leaving a trail of footprints on the snow, like a lovely relative. "Hey, hey, hey." "The footsteps came, and they quickly disappeared. The young guy in the suit shoes had a very new briefcase in his hand, and his hair was flattened to the back of his head. He was firm and step by step. Without the muddy water, the clear foot is hidden by the snow, but leaves a long and straight foot print, deep and straight, but can not help but see a few warm tastes, just like his laughing mouth Passing through an old lane, there is a bun shop in the lane, the old grandmother, a gray-blue waistband on her body, and her hair loose behind her head. She packed up some tableware, and her movements were extremely slow and faltering. Printed with a slight paste, also shallow, not very clear. She seems to like this snow very much, the turbid eyes are from time to time in the world of snow, the corners of the eyes stretch, swim a few short-tailed fish ... I can not help but look down Looking at my own footprints, the edges are clear, round and flat, and a row of them are a little messy, it looks a bit cute. Later, I carried the bag again and walked over here. The ground footprints are staggered, there are long Short, deep and shallow, like a splash of ink, like a plum My eyebrows gradually spread out, watching this string of footprints, laughing in my heart. Everyone's footprints are different, children's footprints are lively and lovely, young people's footprints are powerful and profound. The footprints of the elderly are blurred. But it should be like this, children should play, young people should fight, and old people should enjoy the family. It is this way that everyone shoulders their responsibility and plays their own role, our society will So harmonious and full! I clenched my bag and hurried to the school - I have to take responsibility for it. At this age, studying hard and enriching myself is my extraordinary, my value! Looking back, I saw that my footprints were mixed in the footprints of different sizes and shapes, and I couldn��t help but smile. This string of cute footprints, just met with you at this time, okay, at this time, I was able to break away from the distressed deep spin just met. You, thank you for letting me understand so much, so much
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