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20.11.2019 02:42
When the sun rises from Antworten

When the sun rises from the horizon, the first rays of the world sprinkle on the earth, and everything recovers. The grass carefully smashed the ground Carton Of Cigarettes, revealing a pointed head, tentatively looking around, convinced that spring came, and the whole body broke out, shaking his unformed body in the spring breeze Online Cigarettes. This year, there are a few more young Swallows in the swallow's nest under the eaves. Maybe the little guys are too naughty, maybe they want to fly but they are not good at learning. In short, the little chicks fall off the nest and fall in front of me. I thought, Yan mother should come to save it, and I didn't care too much. Unexpectedly, a few hours later, the little chick swallowed still pitifully in the same place. Occasionally supervised its small eyes, it seems to be filled with clear and clear water in the turbulent flow, making people love. Looking up, I don��t know when, Ms. Yan has returned to her nest and staring at me with hatred. I couldn't help but tremble. I wanted to help Xiao Hsiao's thoughts in a flash. Back in the house, I continued to peep through the curtains. Seeing that I was absent, Yan��s mother rushed to the ground and flew to Xiaoyingyan. She used her large feathers to protect Xiaoxuan��s arms in her arms, soothing and squeezing, then picking up small chicks and flying with sharp points. In the nest. Can be a god to get people. Not yet flying halfway, Xiao Chenyan fell from Yan��s mouth and fell to the ground. In this way, it was repeated three times, until Xiaochenyan��s body was scratched by the ground, and Yan��s mother stopped the rescue measures Newport Cigarettes Coupons. It is calling, it seems to encourage Xiao Chuanyan, let it learn to be strong; it flaps its wings, seems to be encouraging the young chicks, let it not give up; it slams the ground with a pointed mouth, seems to say "It doesn't matter, Let��s come back once again and feel that the scene in front of us seems to have met each other. Thanks to the swallow! Thank you mother.
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