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That's roughly USD150 in savings annually and a return of investment in just 2 years.

The two studies were apparently designed and funded independently -- one of them was done by a utility company in Indiana called Vectren and the other one by Energy Trust of Oregon. The third one was done by the Nest company itself on a national scale. They all monitored users' energy consumption before and after the installation of Nest Thermostat.

According to the general manager Ben Bixby, "With this information in hand, customers can feel even more confident about investing in a Nest Thermostat Wholesale Brent Seabrook Jersey , and our energy partners can be assured that energy-efficiency programs involving Nest will have an impact."

Nest's thermostat is supposed to 'learn' as it is being used; for instance, it can remember certain temperatures that the user usually sets, sense how long it takes to cool or heat up a room then adapt accordingly. It's also designed to detect if the user is home so it can automatically turn itself off if not, as The Haney Energy Saving Group found out.

Nest's founder Matt Rogers said in his post, "Nest is constantly improving. Some saved less on their energy bills Wholesale Patrick Kane Jersey , some saved more ... that affected their energy bills more than switching thermostats ever could. But on average, after people installed Nest they saw real savings." In fact, in the last couple of years, Nest developers have updated the system over 30 times to add new features.

The Haney Energy Saving Group reported that Nest users will be given additional support starting this month: an access to a live Energy Advisor that they can consult about energy savings using their Nest Thermostat based on their particular circumstance.

Various thermostat makers, along with the Environmental Protection Agency of the US Wholesale Corey Crawford Jersey , have previously claimed that a programmable thermostat can potentially save homeowners around 20% on coolingheating bills. However, most of their calculations were simply based on correctly-programmed thermostat settings as opposed to a thermostat that's left at one temperature constantly. Because of such difficulty in acquiring actual savings data, programmable thermostats lost the Energy Star rating in 2009. Now, with three studies actually determining how much energy savings thermostats are capable of when programmed well, they might just get it back.

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Plus Points of Hiring a Flood Mitigation Cwmbran Service

Posted by sophiamilller on January 28th Wholesale Jonathan Toews Jersey , 2016

With climate change having become an inevitable part of life, flooding is an eventuality which is never very far from anyone’s mind. However, if you are a home owner, it is imperative to be aware of contractors who offer flood mitigation Cwmbran services so that your property can be restored to its original self after having suffered damage at the earliest. Like service providers who perform home extensions Cwmbran, there are professional contractors who specialize in mitigation of damage caused due to flooding. True though it is that you can handle this task the DIY way Wholesale Duncan Keith Jersey , the decision to hire a professional is advantages personified.

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