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Summer nights are lively, and my friends and I came to the river to meet and enjoy the wonderful time with the snacks we took from home. After enjoying our meal, we lay on the beach and stared into the night sky. The sky is full of stars, none of them are particularly bright, but they illuminate the entire night sky. Looking at them, I thought of a girl named Xiaoxing. Xiaoxing's family is very poor and her academic performance is not good. Her life is always plain and simple, without any glory. But in Xiaoxing's class, there is a man like a goddess, Xiaoxiang. Not only does she look good, but she also has good grades, good relationships, and a good family background. Xiaoxing is envious. Once a school is engaged in school celebrations, Xiaoxing's class has to perform dances. Because there are only 8 girls in the class, Xiaoxing has to participate Performances. Xiao Xiang called the girls for a meeting and asked each girl to buy a dance suit and a pair of shoes. "How much is it?" Xiaoxing whispered. "More than a thousand." A girl said indifferently. Other girls did not notice Xiaoxing's expression, except Xiaoxiang. Xiao Xiang secretly asked Xiao Xing: "Are you in trouble? Or can I help you find a way?" "No, there are no problems." Xiao Xing refused. When he got home, Xiaoxing said carefully to his mother, "Mom, the school wants to perform. Let's buy clothes and shoes ..." Xiao Xiang ran over and secretly gave her a set of clothes and a pair of shoes, and said, "I understand the situation in your family, but you have great talent for dancing. "After speaking, Xiao Xiang turned away and left Xiao Xing standing there overwhelmed. Began rehearsal. When Xiao Xing appeared in beautiful clothes and shoes, the girls booed. Shoes? Really beautiful! "Xiao Xing lowered her head and didn't answer. Xiao Xing trained very hard and was quickly chosen by the teacher as the lead dancer. Kung Fu lived up to her dedication, and the dance performance won unanimous praise from teachers and students throughout the school. Xiao Xing also received many praises. Since then, Xiaoxing is no longer as lonely as ever, and her friends have gradually increased, and her academic performance has gradually improved Marlboro Lights. Time is passing quickly, and Xiaoxing is about to graduate. A graduation ball will be held in the class because last time Leading the dance, Xiaoxing is naturally the focus of everyone's attention "Your clothes are so beautiful during the school performance. Will you still wear them this time? "No, this time I'm going to dress more beautifully." Xiao Xiang glanced at Xiao Xing and kicked her, but Xiao Xing didn't bother to return home. Xiao Xing's request to buy clothes was once again rejected by her mother. On the graduation party, Xiao Xing secretly took her mother's money He ran to the store, pointing to his long-loved dress, and said in tears, "Wrap me up. When Xiaoxing hurried to the prom, the other classmates left, leaving Xiaoxiang alone. She was wearing a very ordinary skirt. Xiao Xiang said: "Actually, you can wear anything. You don't have to disguise it, and I can lend it to you Cigarettes Online." Xiaoxing's tears endured for a long time. "Can you lend me your perfect life?" I'm not as good as you. Only by lying can others make me look at me. "At this time, music was ringing around, Xiaoxing closed her eyes and twirled in the music. After tears flowed freely, Xiaoxing became a family through hard work The boss of the company. Wear beautiful clothes and delicate makeup every day. It's just that when someone asks about her once, she always laughs and answers, because at this time, Xiaoxing always remembers what she said when she went to undress with her and returned her mother's money that night at the graduation ball. "As long as you raise your head, you will never be inferior. Yes, as long as you raise your head, you will never be inferior.
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