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11.12.2019 04:00
Townsend will be replacing Antworten

the recently-departed Ed Donatell in the role."The Chicago Bears have made some additions to their coaching staff , hiring Deshea Townsend as their new defensive backs coach. They also hired Ronell Williams as their defensive quality control coach.Townsend, 43, spent the 2018 season as the assistant defensive backs coach for the New York Giants. The Giants finished the season with 17 interceptions, a mark that ranked seventh in the league. Prior to the gig, he served as the defensive backs coach for the Tennessee Titans from 2016 to 2017. Under his watch, Kevin at a high level.Williams has experience with the Bearsí coaching staff, participating in the Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellowship and working with the teamís coaches in 2018. He has been on the coaching staff for Temple for the past two seasons, working as a graduate assistant in 2017 and a defensive analyst in 2018. Iíve made my thoughts on Kyle Long very clear in some of my recent T Formation Conversation podcasts, but in case you missed any of those, hereís what I think about the Chicago Bearsí 30-year old offensive guard. Even though he carries an $8.5 million cap hit in 2019, I canít see the Bears moving on from him. While he did suffer through a third straight injury plagued season, this is the first offseason heís not going to be rehabbing from an injury since 2015. Kyle Long battled back from a mid-season foot injury to play the final game of the regular season and their wild card game, and I think itís fair to say he was a bit rusty. But heís a leader on that offensive line and in the locker room, and if I was making the call, Iím keeping him on my team.Cutting him would be a $3 million dead cap hit, but waiting til June 1st would lower the dead money to $1.5 million, but if you do let him go Tarik Cohen Jersey , what are the alternatives? Hope a young player steps up? Draft a mid or late round rookie to compete at that spot? Bring back Eric Kush or Bryan Witzmann to start at right guard?Iíll pass on all those options and start Long on my o-line at right guard. A backup plan is needed, so get one of those veterans to return, and find some youth to go in the pipeline, but Kyle Long is a football player. For the record, I think a restructure to get his 2019 cap hit to come down would be ideal, but contract restructuring doesnít happen very often. I threw this question out to a few of my colleagues at WCG to get their take and hereís what they had to say. Jacob Infante - The Bears should aim to keep Kyle Long, but not at his current price. He is slated to have an $8.5 million cap hit in 2019, a number that is not acceptable given his 22 missed games in the last three years. While the Bears would free up a lot of cap space - which they currently donít have a lot of - by cutting Long, doing so would open up a hole on their offensive line that they simply donít have the resources to fix this offseason. With no draft picks in the first two rounds, little cap space and a weak class for guards in both free agency and the draft, the odds that the Bears would find a solid replacement this year would be slim. Ultimately, I believe they should keep Long around for at least another season, but they should definitely make it a priority to restructure his contract this offseason.Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter - In my personal opinion, I feel the Chicago Bears should keep Kyle Long as a mainstay on their offensive line. Heís the head hog of that group, heís an incredible leader in the locker room, and heís still a tough monster to anchor the line with when heís healthy. Heís also not scheduled for any surgeries this offseason. Yes, cutting him would save the Bears a few million. Yet cutting him also opens a big hole at RG in a projected market thatís all but dry in terms of depth. I believe heís a candidate for a restructuring/renegotiation of his contract. Then again they might just proceed as normal and aim for continuity in the trenches. WhiskeyRanger - Short answer Womens James Daniels Jersey , yes. Long answer, itís probably going to take him renegotiating or restructuring his contract. $8-9 million a year is a bit steep for a guard who only averages 8 or 9 games a year, and will be on the wrong side of 30 next season. If they can get his contract to be a bit more cap friendly, then itís a no brainer. Heís a mauler when healthy, and both a leader in the locker room, and an emotional leader on the field. Plus, the Bears do seem to have decent depth behind him (after a rough start Witzmann was actually pretty solid), which can fill in well in the likely event he misses more games. So, Iíd like to see him stay, and hope for healthier days myself.Ken Mitchell - The Bears should, 100 percent, keep Kyle Long. Period. He will have the entire offseason surgery-free to build himself up, and I expect him to come into camp roaring.If they can reduce his cap hit? Fine, no problem, but replacing him leaves a huge hole in our line that I honestly donít think we will find anybody better to fill. Long struggled in the playoff game, but as somebody whoís coming off of a broken bone in my leg, I can tell you thereís no way he was at 100 percent or anywhere near that in his two games back. No chance at all.I bring Kyle back , absolutely, at full price or a discount. We arenít that short of cap space, we just arenít.Robert Schmitz - The Bears should keep Kyle Long. Heís a talented leader of the line and provided quality play all throughout the year. You need guys like Kyle that can rally your team in both good times and bad if you want to make a deep run in the playoffs. Maintaining line continuity is also key, so Bobby Massieís potential departure makes it all the more important to keep Long around.That said, the Bears should also restructure Longís contract. Heís got fairly large base salaries for 2019-2021 that can be reduced and turned into signing bonuses to lighten his cap hit at the cost of adding dead money to each year. Given heís finally entering an offseason without needing a surgery, I think now is the right time to bet on Longís next few years, increase the Bears available cap space, and push in all their chips for a 2019/2020 championship.Sam Householder - Definitely keep Kyle Long. He showed a lot of toughness returning for the postseason after an injury and heís sacrificed his body heavily playing through injuries. Granted, I know that means little to teams when it comes time to manage the cap but Long was the face of the team during the dark times, so I think it stands to reason that, even with a restructuring that he deserves to come back for some good times. Heís still playing at a starting level, even if itís not typically for 16 games.Weíre all unanimous in wanting the Bears to keep Kyle Long, but what about you guys? Vote in the poll!

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11.12.2019 10:01
#2 RE: Townsend will be replacing Antworten

Great post! I didnít knowral of these resources and Iím going to go check them out now!

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