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12.12.2019 09:09
Will it Get Me Drunk? Antworten

Will it Get Me Drunk? And how. Jose Cuervo's like Wolverine: he's the best at what he does, and what he does ain't pretty. (And neither will you be after a few drinks, but Lord knows you'll think you are.) That's the danger with Jose Cuervo. It's cheap enough that you can comfortably afford it, and it's only mostly urine, so it's not that awful to drink Cigarettes Online USA. Your face will be sufficiently shat by the end of the night. Jose is the closer you call in a pinch, the rough, morally flexible cop you call out of retirement because you just need someone to get the job done. You'll wake up the next morning miserable, bruised and horrified to learn that your pants somehow shit you, but hey, that's Jose Cuervo. You knew the risks when you signed up.

Review: "The 1800 tequila has a strong aroma and flavor that gets the job done and lets you know that you are most definitely drinking tequila Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. You twist and pull the son of a bitch and, fuckin', when you finally do pop it off, all the tequila shoots out and splashes on your clothes and in your goddamn sonofabitching eyes. This is good in a "Hey, I can drink my shirt if I run out of booze" way, but terrible in a "holy shit nothing burns my eyes worse than tequila" sort of way.

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