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e wind. One day we have to lea Antworten

Outside the window, inside the window, a little osmanthus fragrance, every bit of the heart under the piano into a jumping note. In the air full of sweet-scented osmanthus, let it be vented everywhere and let it flutter in the wind. I'm not an elegant person. He picked up a book from the piano room and walked towards the courtyard. The book he picked up was actually the work of Jules Verne-"Fifteen-year-old Captain." When I opened the book, it seemed that I was sailing in this beautiful and mysterious ocean, full of imaginary waves, and this is where the intern sailor Dick Sander aspires. I closed the book gently, but the gripping, ups and downs of the book still lingered in my mind. It was a bloody day, and the crew of the "Wanderer" unfortunately lost all their lives in the fight with the whale. Fifteen-year-old Dick Sander was in danger of being appointed captain. However, it was not expected that Chef Negro was a sinister man, and he wanted to deceive the entire crew into Africa and sell them as slaves. A series of destruction by Negro led to the Homeless being forced to hit the reef off the coast of Angola in Africa, and entered the dangerous Africa. Relying on bold courage and wisdom, Dick Sander and Mrs. Wilton walked out of Africa after a lot of hard work and returned to their dream home. I admire Dick Sander, who has little knowledge of sailing but can ride the wind and waves at sea Cigarettes For Sale. At a young age, he was able to crack the conspiracy. He took everyone out of the dangerous Africa like a giant. Seeing this, a painting appeared in front of me-the gale screamed, as frightening as the devil's claw, and he stood at the bow of the ship, staring into the distance, showing his true character I admire Dick Sander, who is young but has courage and courage. Rescue your friends with your wisdom and courage in times of crisis. Despite the dangers along the way, he was not afraid and took everyone forward. But we, who are at the same age as him, are used to being like the flowers in a greenhouse, and it just breaks with a little wind. One day we have to leave the protection of our parents and go out on our own, but can we provoke the beam like Dick Sander? Life is like a chess game Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and we are just like the soldiers in chess. We may be weak, but we have no choice but to rush forward all the time. If we stop for a while, we may be wiped out and relaxed by difficulties. Only by advancing, only being brave and fearless, can we make a new world for our life! How courageous and brave can a fifteen-year-old be compared to his peers in the world today? People must be brave, no matter what, they have to rush forward, do not rush forward, do not become a hero in life, how can I work hard to make a beautiful life? "There is no best, only better." Let's keep running forward and work towards a better tomorrow
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