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Fearing danger and advancing forward, life is like a flaming flame, and it will definitely beat out wonderful notes and compose moving life hymns. "Seven Adventures of Red Brother's Life" is such a book that explores the meaning of life and constantly strives for it Parliament Cigarettes. "Seven Adventures of Red Brother's Life" is the work of the famous writer Shen Shixi, and tells a story called In the life course from birth to death, the white swan, in order to survive, to change the status quo being discriminated against, to open up a better life and realize its authority status, it has repeatedly adventured, constantly broke through itself, and defended its own home In order to protect the swan family, he gave his precious life bravely, and the swan family was finally saved. The name of the red brother is also famous in history and ancient history. The story borrows a male swan to illustrate the meaning of adventure. From birth to death, life is not a straight line, but a series of jumping points. Every stage of life will face an unknown environment, an unknown life, an unknown destiny, and you need the courage to face a series of new tests in life. Never despise our origin. The benefits it brings to us will make us endless in our lives. We must free ourselves from our limitations and pursue higher meaning in life. We must learn to be self-reliant and brave to face the world we are not familiar with. Don't be afraid of suffering! If we can understand suffering deeply, suffering will bring a sense of sublime. If life requires you to endure pain, you must grit your teeth and stick to it. A great man said: Is the pain endured by Bai? It should make us courageous to take great adventures. Adventure is not blind recklessness Marlboro Cigarettes, but a planned and stepped action after careful consideration. Red Brother's seven adventures in the text illustrate this very well. Red Brother wins for himself every intellectual adventure, and allows him to grow and mature step by step. Life requires adventure, and new life requires adventure. In today's society, I live rich and easy, people's spirit of adventure is increasingly lacking, it is difficult to face the storms of life, and it is difficult to move forward in adversity. The story made me understand the importance of adventure, and made me understand that every adventure is a kind of maturity, a kind of progress, and a spiritual leap. Everyone who has a dream and is chasing a dream should Revisiting "The Seven Adventures of Red Brother's Life", it will let you know: despite the injustice of destiny Online Cigarettes, and despite so many injustices in the society, as long as you can persevere, work hard, and go forward, you will finally get the final success. . Everyone who is wasting their lives should read "The Seven Adventures of Red Brother's Life". It will let you understand that life requires adventure and that life grows and matures in adventure. Only by taking constant risks can we be invincible in society and break through our own sky.
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