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25.12.2019 02:21
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"Hey , remember the 2019 NFL Draft? Feels like it was just last week. But that hasn’t stopped media outlets from putting out NFL mock drafts for next year because ... #content. Earlier this week, we looked at SB Nation’s 2020 first round pick for the Eagles. Now it’s time for Todd McShay’s turn (via ESPN In$ider):It’s funny that McShay already has a cornerback going to the Eagles because he mistakenly kept linking that position to Philly leading up to this year’s draft. It was clear they weren’t going to draft one early and they ended up not drafting one at all. Truly shocking!In fairness to McShay, corner might be a more realistic pick next year. Jalen Mills, Ronald Darby, and Cre’Von LeBlanc are all set to be free agents after this season. Rasul Douglas and the oft-injured Sidney Jones (RFA) will be entering the final year of their contracts in 2020. But there’s just so much that can change between now and next year. To give you an idea of just how useful or useless this activity is, here’s what McShay’s 2019 mock draft looked like at this time last year:McShay did correctly have 13 of these 32 players going in the first round. Only one of those players got drafted at their projected position (Bosa at No. 2). One of the most interesting parts about McShay’s mock has nothing to do with the players selected. Rather, it’s about the order the picks occur. McShay bases his mock draft order off early 2019 record projections from Football Outsiders. FO will publicize these projections later this offseason but for now we know they have seven teams ahead of Philly: the Kansas City Chiefs, the Green Bay Packers Wilbert Montgomery Jersey , the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Los Angeles Rams, the New England Patriots, the Los Angeles Chargers, and the New Orleans Saints. FO’s projections also have Washington at No. 4, the New York Giants at No. 8, and the Dallas Cowboys at No. 24. It’s an old refrain from old folks: Back in my day, life wasn’t so easy. It’s a refrain that NFL veterans often tell their younger teammates at this time of year.That’s particularly true for the players who have been in the league since before 2011 Womens Harold Carmichael Jersey , when the new Collective Bargaining Agreement put limits on practice time and the number of full-contact practices. The Eagles have five such players, and Jeff McLane of the talked to them about how much different training camp was in those days.“I joke around with these young dudes nowadays,” wide receiver DeSean Jackson said. “I say they’re soft. They’re making them soft.”Eagles running back Darren Sproles played his first two seasons with the Chargers under coach Marty Schottenheimer, who was known for running some of the toughest training camps around — tougher than any NFL coach today runs. Schottenheimer would keep the players on the practice field as late as he wanted, until he was satisfied that they had worked hard enough.“Back then we had real two-a-days and it didn’t matter the time,” Sproles said.Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham, who has been with the team since 2010, said coach Doug Pederson pushes them hard in camp without pushing them so hard that they get injured , as coaches of the past used to do.“If I’m going to give max effort every time, I need to know you’re going to take care of me down the down. And I think Doug does a good job of that,” Graham said. “You can still get a lot out of your team without the two practices. Sometimes I’d feel like, ‘Boy, you’d be so damn tired that after a while you’re going to hurt something.’”Today’s younger players may think they’re tired after a hot summer practice, but they don’t know what those camps of old were like.

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