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25.12.2019 04:30
detour of the place counts extremely count Antworten

Happy private's text understands Chu naturally south the meaning of these words, in fact from the first, everyone didn't intend to entwine with Lu Jin.Is Kazakhstan here, ground wide person being sparse can make a detour of the place counts extremely count, wholesale plantation shutters even if gram just set the geography is special, face west 80 kilometers add virtuous Er can also pass, nothing but run more more than 100 kilometers just.
"Have been already arrived, slowly the commander this times grand pardon and carries our trucks to come over first."Happy private's text says with smile:"Army commander, how do I feel that you treat with partiality?Want don't let I and 3 teachers change."
"You aren't here, Lu Jin perhaps in no mind dozen the bottom went."Chu's south smiles and signals hint staff officer to spread map:"See from the conductor department telegram for intercepting and seizing, Stalin has already ordered strictly to prohibit to retreat half to tread, who retreat and then shoot to death.The wife and childrens that still make the shell benefit second the database benefit gram and Lu Jin these military officers all keep watch on!So not arrive ten thousand can not help, they can't withdraw.The his hand insides are all infantries now, if eastwards once the noodles mountain area drill and eat up again very difficult.So want ~only you here, he will think that we think strong line of road that breaks through to go up north.So you and 33 teachers, 126 teachers have to put a that is strong to press power, and then can not be too malicious a while, force he continuously devotion prepare a brigade, slowly consume him, wait I to arrive card to pull stem to reach, he even if want to escape to also take not to walk how much person."
Happy private's text in fact knows that as long as the all of first armored division is here and be dragged along into a lousy bureau, Lu Jin would resist throughout.Just that says so, just feel regrettable so big achievement drive the third machine tread teacher to rend away.So respect a gift, assurance way:"The army commander stops worrying, I know proper restraint."
"Trust, this achievement I stay for you half."Chu's south smiles to clap him and just prepared to leave, the signal corps brought one to let people shocked big news behind the list soldier's radio station's back."Report, the telephone of commander's headquarters.Say 22 teachers first the head brigade has already arrived to expect Luo to reach Er and let us speed up just."
"Leaf for inquired to expect Luo to reach Er just?"Do not say to enjoy private's text, even Chu's south even the Allah wood diagram commander's headquarters all the full face doesn't believe, know this morning the second gathered cluster to just calculate to all break out of encirclement a turn, and database benefit the gram have already adjusted to gather troops to make track for a shot harassment, how crossed for probably only seven hours 300 kilometer war area?

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