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01.01.2020 15:43
troops of transporting the brigade Antworten

Although is already dead hour,still keep quarreling ebullition here while arriving.Temporarily railroad fixs here, so have already become the front biggest supplies transport to stand here, at least 30 rightnesses of the soldier rows that load down supplies every days arrive.What he put forward's gathering to pack a replenishment a beginning has already seen result, been particularly small scaled zero spread a supplies replenishment Be getting more convenient.After train arrives, the fork car will quickly unload to gather to pack to pile in the vacant land of flank, then write with the box of category and amount according to need to send into front line.For effectively linking up, the troops throws in small scaled train and more than 40,000 truck friendly intercourses of 12 narrow gauges in front.
After finishing sending greetings the government troops of transporting the brigade, wholesale plantation shutters Yang Qiu still saw come to inspect of citizen guard brigade commander Wang Geng.Is a national defense soldier to add strength most importantly, have 100,000 after opening hostilities citizen guard's brigade be woven into active duty, at the same time again called up 200,000 soldiers with 200,000 will open the driver of truck.The work particularly also checks from the frontier seaport and domestic safety, turn to be responsible for affairs, such as logistics, conveyance and public order...etc. to come up.
Wang Geng is a workaholic, after particularly taking up the brigade of citizen guard, basically want to work for more than 12 hours every day.In the parallel world, positive because this kind of personality cause personal life and feelings ascend confusion unbearable, but this world of he doesn't wipe a spark with six small men, contrary be in love with the big children of the Yue Peng and finally walk to arrive together.Compare six small men, madam Wang who is from soldier's noble family is a lot of capable, oneself not only is a famous military surgeon, but also supports his work very much.
"To notice more body go along with madam more."Yang Qiu takes care of him to after noticing the body take the inattention of Yue Peng and also silently says with smile:"If someone sues in court your father-in-law there, I can can not do some help."
Wang Geng Yi's face is hard-pressed, repeatedly nod:"BE, appreciate president's concern."
Open two funs after, Yang Qiu just inquire since the affair of railroad.The in the mind greatly loosens Wang Geng of tone to hurriedly introduce a circumstance:"Our direct constructs totally to have four railroads.Article 1 is to fill rice Yi to expect Luo to reach Er just, this is the shortest, last month fix.Article 2 be here, be apart from card to pull stem to reach to still have 150 kilometers currently, in order to ensure that the front of the army supplies spread first simple narrow gauge, the narrow gauge is simple but the conveyance quantity is very not enough.However I estimate to have 20 days heavy track again and then should be able to arrive card to pull stem to reach, can spread by the end of July hot Zi card sweet.Article 3 is an Allah wood's diagram to pull through the tower, rare Mu be willing to especially, Turkic Si Tan and gram the Zi Lei Ao Er reach to extend salty sea.

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