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Sneak Peak of the Cannon Safe GD Gunsaver Dehumidifier Technology Articles | October 30 Nick Foles Shirt , 2011
Cannon Safe GD - Environment Control System: Climate conditions inside a safe can vary greatly from external surroundings. Trapped air within the security enclosure will tend to drop in temperat...

Cannon Safe GD - Environment Control System: Climate conditions inside a safe can vary greatly from external surroundings. Trapped air within the security enclosure will tend to drop in temperature. With no escape or distribution of this cold air, items within the safe can be come vulnerable to damage by liquid condensation caused by increased humidity factor. GunSaver heats to a surface temperature of less than 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of its unique design, it circulates warm dry air throughout the gun safe on a continuous basis. This means each and every internal surface is continuously bathed in warm DRY air. This is the key to the operation of the GunSaver. It maintains all parts 2 to 3 degrees warmer than the room, thus practically eliminating the possibility of condensation and the resultant rust and corrosion of metal parts, not to mention the mold and mildew associated with dampness and humidity. The low, even temperature will keep your guns nicely preserved. Must be purchased with safe - If purchased separately, price increase may incur.

Quick Overview * GD Gunsaver Dehumidifier * GUNSAVER DEHUMIDIFIER MUST BE PURCHASED WITH SAFE * The low DJ Chark Shirt , even temperature provided by this dehumidifier will keep your guns nicely preserved. * Maintains all parts of the safe 2 to 3 degrees warmer than the room * Eliminates the possibility of condensation, rust and corrosion of metal parts * Compatible with Cannon gun safes

Additional Information Manufacturer Cannon Safe Manuf Part # G-Dehumidifier Model GD Weight 1.0000 Expected Ship Date 2-5 Weeks Compatible Models Cannon gun safes

Article Tags: Cannon Safe, Gunsaver Dehumidifier

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