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07.01.2020 10:36
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The Yan flies a to hear outside the action of the black tunic warrior, some worried.If is previous, these black tunic warriors don't put in his mind naturally.But he faces the huge threat of bushy beard now, if plus the words of these black tunic warrior hand last weapons again, his circumstances will extremely far from good.
The bushy beard hid when the Yan flies to make use of Gao Ping Liang to strafe with the machine gun, so still have no time to look into a room current circumstance, he just discovers while returning to spirit stone house in all is be shoot~deaed of Sa Xin Pai high level war capability, in addition to himself, have no anyone to escape by sheer luck.Key figures' one death of these religious sections, Sa Xin Pai even if Be getting more exist in name only.
Grief and indignation in the bushy beard heart, at see the Yan fly because the black tunic warrior of outside after being some to divide attention, immediately and forward one turns over a body and roll stone wall of another part, by hand on the stone wall on pressing, incredibly pull out one sharp machete of chasing from the blind side of stone wall, then the lightning flash sort facing Yan flies to chop down to come over.
The Yan flies to pick up a flank to fallen off in the shield on the ground and blocks before body a while.That chops down machete on the shield and immediately send out one of "Ding" stuffy ring.Then the Yan fly of Jing steel the shield be incredibly chopped down by the machete to wear, and that machete also through the shield, continue facing Yan to fly to chop down before the chest.
The Yan flies once the hands wring, the Jing steel shield on the hand came one 360 degrees revolve and block machete a while, then the Yan fly a to make an effort, shield and machete flew to go out together and far and far dropped on the ground.
But at this time, the black tunic warrior out of the house finally hurtled to come in, while the Yan flew this buffer time, right away from the ground pick up that stand the gun tube break into two heavy machine guns and toward from outside the blunt incoming black tunic warrior open fire.The gun of that heavy machine gun takes care of wrong, but don't influence the blast-off of bullet, just have to the hair degree of bullet to influence very greatly.But in the so near distance, shoot accuracy basically isn't the problem that needs to be considered.
Those black tunic warriors just hurtled to come in and hadn't seen the circumstance in the clear room, discovered to greet their is an intensive big caliber bullet, these big caliber bullets flew indiscriminately everywhere.They a quilt play to shoot, the body thoroughly collapses bad, isn't a quilt to play to beat into 2 be become lousy meat, die of not the ability die again.
The bushy beard sees the Yan fly hand up weigh a machine gun badly, eye inside peeped out the facial expression of misgiving.He is the martial of pure and unadulterated, so subconscious some to science and technology weapon small see, would not like to use arms and supplies, either at ordinary times, Plantation shutters always feel this faith that is humiliating them.But when these high-tech weapons appear on the enemy's hand and still and just and in great quantities massacre the time of his warrior, but he felt deeply fear to an idea, feel the previous persistence of oneself isn't exactitude
The bushy beard sees the Yan fly to polish off a blunt incoming black tunic warrior just, aim at a heavy machine gun right away oneself after, he realized danger a while.He quickly bends the body and hold tight body under of rock chair's, on making an effort, raiseding a rock chair, then blocked is before the body at oneself
And the Yan fly of heavy machine gun the bullet also shot to come over, hear a burst of and violent bullet collide a rock voice, but that rock chair is very strong and tough, the incredibly hard anti- lived the attack of heavy machine gun bullet, while the oneself just had a little small indentation and showed that rock chair astonishing degree of hardness.
This attack consumed light a while the bullet of heavy machine gun, but when the Yan flies to want to replace bullet, outside throw to come in several hand grenades that emit smoke from the stone house.And that bushy beard is to discover the action flying Yan, he flies once the rock chair facing Yan on the hand throw, then make a pounce upon Yan to fly. wooden shutters blinds

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