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glass of water to a lake, is Antworten

The computer at home was broken. The maintenance staff said, "The screen is still usable. The main unit needs to be replaced, and the speaker should be replaced with a new one." Up-to-date. The speakers were replaced with subwoofers, and the sound quality was very good. The original good brand machine is now compatible, but I do n��t know how compatible it is? The maintenance staff said, "Rest assured, how to use incompatibility?" The computer moved home, the network speed is super fast, and the compatibility is good. I am satisfied. The word compatibility has taken root in my heart ever since. In these years, if you inadvertently run into a small-minded person in your life, you can kill someone with one word. I have encountered such a person Marlboro Cigarettes, his heart is irritable and his eyes are low. One day, he didn't speculate about each other, he blurted out: "I can't communicate with you, I and you are completely 'incompatible'." I smiled and said, "My tolerance is very good, I'll come to 'compatible' you Let ��s do it. In the following days, my attitude of inferiority and quietness, the tranquility of the water, finally melted the frost of his heart. When our interaction returned to normal, I understand that his heart has already had a good compatibility, learn Tolerance allows us to accept others. Every day in our lives, our hearts are constantly growing. On the road of life, there are always people better than us. We are not jealous and are compatible Cigarettes Online. On the road of life, there are always people who are jealous of us and we take it lightly. This is also compatible with what to do. In the impetuous life, many people have lost their plain and simple heart. Do you know that having a sense of normality can downplay fame and fortune, see success or failure, and see reputation and loss? , To obtain peace of mind. The volume of the mind, from a glass of water to a lake, is the result of enhanced "compatibility". Life is short, and we can relate to There are not many places. But our heart can fly high, the spiritual world can be infinitely deep and deep If your heart can flourish in all directions, and conquer the world, then congratulations, your soul has excellent "compatibility", please Be sure to keep and enjoy your happiness
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