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Different Selections For College Education
Posted by nick_niesen on October 27th Easton Stick Chargers Jersey , 2010

As high school seniors across the country near graduation, they will have difficult decisions to make on which college to attend. Some seniors will prefer to take the traditional route to obtaining a college education and will choose to attend a two or four-year degree program offered at the college or university in their hometown. Some might want to become professionals in the work place right after high school graduation and will bypass pursuing a college education for several years.

For these individuals, the college education selections can be made anytime in life and people are finding that continuing college later in life might be a better choice because some students will want to travel and see the world. At some point in those travels Drue Tranquill Chargers Jersey , they will eventually discover what type of profession would be best suited for their personality and lifestyle. Since they have had a chance to experience life a bit, they will also be more inclined to make a commitment to the college selections at their disposal and most will graduate at the top of the class.

Since the funding for college is available for traditional and online college courses, many students find that they can work and attend college courses at the same time. This type of educational opportunity offers students the flexibility they need to lead double lives for a while. There are thousands of degree programs to select from in the traditional and online forms of college and students learn that some of these degrees will put them on the fast track to advancing in the corporate world.

The online college education program selections are designed to conform with traditional degree programs. Students can pursue an associate degree through the internet while traveling around the world Nasir Adderley Chargers Jersey , and finish the educational selections with a Bachelor's degree in a traditional college campus setting. Some students will choose to attend one or two courses in a land-based classroom because the course program of study requires certain labs to be completed before credits are earned and the online classrooms education options do not offer these facilities.

Most online degree programs could pose a problem for students who are pursing a college education in a specific specialty. Some credits for online courses will not transfer over to the traditional, land-based college degree requirements, so some students will choose to continue their higher education pursuits for a Bachelor's degree online after they have found work in the career field of their choice using an Associates degree for an entry-level position with a company. The result of this type of college education selection will be an accredited degree that will be used as a stepping-stone to use for advancement up the corporate ladder.

Some students prefer to make college course selections by subject because they need this knowledge to maintain a career goal. The college education selections they make could focus specifically on culinary arts Jerry Tillery Chargers Jersey , or criminal justice. The student might have an interest in politics and can use courses in political science to gain a foothold on job positions available in the local Government structure. For people who are interested in performing jobs involved in social work, selecting human services courses would make them more marketable in their job search.

Have you ever wasted months or even years following a road that led to nowhere or worse, led you to a place where you were worse off than before? I have Mike Williams Chargers Jersey , in fact if the truth be known, more than once! However I am learning. The school of hard knocks comes with a very high price tag. I am hoping that some of what I have learned and seen will lower that price tag for you so you can avoid some of the roads I have found are dead ends.

I have a very dear friend, who a year ago Derwin James Chargers Jersey , set off on a path that I knew was not going to be good for her. Her goal was noble, but her road was one that was filled with potholes and S curves. It looked all glamourous and filled with all that life had to offer, but because of my own experiences I knew where it led. Today her life is in shambles with no home Joey Bosa Chargers Jersey , no job, and no money, She has lost multiple friends and the respect of many of her peers. I just find it sad.

How did I know before she started that it was the wrong road? Well not because I am a genius or a prophet Melvin Gordon III Chargers Jersey , but because of a couple of simple lessons I will share with you.

1. Does the road lead you to put spiritual things first? Jesus said 2 very important things. A. Seek first the kingdom of God and all these “things” will be added to you”. That means that as you profit spiritually, the rest of life’s needs will come into place.

2. Does the road you are taking cause you to compromise spiritually? He said, “What if you gain the world and lose your soul?” Is what you are doing compromising who you are as a spiritual person Philip Rivers Chargers Jersey , does it violate your values, or cause you to take shortcuts that are ethically questionable?

In both of these situations, my friend ignored my warnings. She put a glamor job above her spirituality and now has paid the price for it.

Is there a GPS for our lives? You betcha! It is having a personal relationship with the One who sees the future. It is developing your spiritual life so that He can give you the warnings and you can hear the warnings about dead ends and pot holes on a dangerous road.

You see LaDainian Tomlinson Chargers Jersey , you do not need psychics or fortune tellers to know the future. God already knows and He cares enough about you to tell you. In my blog I have over 80 articles to help you know and understand how to have the type of relationship with God that allows Him to be your GPS for life. I hope you come and visit.

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The Need for Guidance

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