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in the locker room after Thursday’s loss. The Cowboys had a chippy practice Sunday that included trash-talking.On Monday Womens Walter Payton Jersey , Dak Prescott said it’s time to walk the talk.“When it’s times like this, it’s more lead by example,” the said. “Talk is cheap, right? We’ve talked a lot. We’ve talked a bunch and got ourselves right to where we are. In a moment like this I say to hell with the talking, and I’m going to do more. “I’m going to work harder, and if you’re a young guy looking for somebody to figure it out, how to do it, yeah, look at me and some of these other guys because that’s exactly what we’re doing, putting our head down focusing and doubling down on ourselves.”The Cowboys are well aware that the Dolphins did them a favor with an upset of the Eagles on Sunday , keeping them in sole possession of first place. They also know unless they play better than they have, it won’t matter.The Cowboys are 0-5 against teams with winning records.The Bears have the same 6-6 record as the Cowboys.“It obviously hasn’t gone the way we’ve wanted it to, but we’re still in a position where things are still in front of us,” Prescott said. “It’s about focusing on now, not looking too far ahead or trying to get there right now, but taking care of this day and doing it the best we can. Being in this position, it’s all about coming to work each and every day, focusing on that day and the task at hand and look up here in a month and be where we want to be.“I can sit here and say as much as I want to you guys, but it’s about going out there executing at practice and doing it on Thursday.”Prescott has a chance to show his leadership this week and the rest of this season. He’s ready for that assignment.Prescott said he wants his teammates to follow his lead.“I hope they are,” Prescott said. “I’m not sure if they are Tarik Cohen Jersey , if that’s their mindset or not, but I hope they are, just because the way I’m going to go about this. I’ve faced adversity a lot in my life on and off the field, and at this moment, I’m just doubling down on myself and my teammates. I’ve got confidence in what I can do and what these guys around me can do and hope they’re looking my way.” The Chicago Bears are coming off a solid victory against a team that they should have beaten. This Sunday, they travel to Buffalo to put the finishing touches on their 4-game excursion against the AFC East. The Bears will hopefully fly home victorious, meaning they went 2-2 in that stretch and are 5-3 at the halfway point. The biggest test in this game will be scoring on a very good good Bills defense. The other side of the ball, however, is a different story entirely. The Bills offensive line is a mess, they don’t run the ball particularly well Womens James Daniels Jersey , and they are likely starting Nathan Peterman at quarterback. Peterman has been nothing short of awful in his short NFL career thus far, so this would be a welcome development for the Bears. If Peterman does start, I think you can expect to see Vic Fangio put on his Urban Sombrero and strut his stuff. Here is my list of players to keep an eye on Sunday afternoon.Who to WatchAnthony Miller: I am expecting the Bears to sit Allen Robinson again this week. There simply is not reason to risk him to injury if you can win a game without him, he is going to be necessary in the second half of the season. The player that I think is going to step up in a big way this week is Anthony Miller. He has been open a ton the past few games and it feels like he and Mitch Trubisky are on the verge of breaking out. I think it happens this week. Jordan Howard: Given how I expect this game to play out, and how awful the Bills offense is, the Bears should have Jordan Howard on the game plan in permanent marker. Kyle Long is going to be out, but given his play this season, that might not be a bad thing. Unless, of course, Eric Kush is going to start in his stead. My personal preference would be to see what recently signed Bryan Witzmann looks like at right guard. The running game improved with rookie guard James Daniels in the game and I would like to see what a re-tooled offensive line would look like.Leonard Floyd: I am assuming that Khalil Mack is going to sit this game out as well , which means that Leonard Floyd needs to step up. Floyd has played the run well and has been sneaky solid in the passing game, providing both pressure and coverage ability. But that isn’t enough. The good news is that Floyd will likely be lined up against a player that Bears fans know well: Jordan Mills. If last Monday’s game was any indication of Mills’ improvements—or lack thereof—then Floyd should have a big game. Eddie Jackson: No matter what Matt Nagy or Eddie Jackson has said about his late hit last week, it was a dumb play, no way around that. After some reflection on his part (hopefully), he will come out hungry against the Bills. As many have noted, Peterman is an interception machine, handing them out like Oprah does cars. The cornerbacks should feast a bit but Jackson has shown an ability to be a ballhawk against lesser competition, and Nathan Peterman is certainly that. What are your thoughts? Which Bears players are you keeping an eye on this Sunday afternoon against the Bills?Stay tuned for my Three Keys to the Game tomorrow morning and in case you missed it, here is my What to Watch For from earlier today.

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