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ause I was a swimmer, and in NYC, that was not ... at all happening. Now that Im living in California, Im married with a child, Antworten

Troubled rugby league star Kieran Foran has lashed out at the media for prying into his personal life, assuring fans he has done nothing wrong.The New Zealand international last week signed with the Warriors on a one-year deal for 2017, putting weeks of speculation to bed, though the NRL must still approve the contract.Foran, 26, struggled with personal demons throughout 2016 and ended a lucrative deal at Parramatta in July to address his mental health problems.His friendship with controversial NSW-based punter Eddie Hayson has also been thrust into the spotlight.Foran took to Instagram on Sunday night to blast media outlets for their alleged meddling and to thank the public for their support.His words were accompanied by a picture of a deserted beach.I am incredibly disappointed in the media prying into my personal life, especially my families (sic), Foran wrote.They choose to write stories based on total lies.I want to assure you, I have done nothing wrong.Warriors chief Jim Doyle told reporters on Friday that the ex-Manly star would have access to mental skills coaches, psychologists and mentors in Auckland next year.He would also be close to family members, including godfather, lawyer Don MacKinnon.Foran wrote on social media that he had been open about his struggles with mental illness and was trying to wake up with a positive outlook.However, he felt negative headlines made this process difficult.He said he understood his place in the public eye but didnt feel this justified the alleged attacks against him.All I have done, is gotten sick, admitted publicly to it and taken time out for myself, Foran wrote.I just ask that I am given the time I need to heal in peace.Foran is set to form an all-star spine for the Warriors alongside halfback Shaun Johnson, hooker Issac Luke and fullback Roger Tuivasa-Sheck.However his contract, worth a reported $600,000, must first be ratified by the NRL which has said it wants to be sure he has overcome the issues that drove him out of the game.Doyle said Foran was happy to tick any boxes necessary to get back on the playing field. Vapormax Flyknit Cool Grey . - Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is not a fan of his teams use of the wildcat formation, saying "it makes you look like a high school offence. Vapormax 2019 Cheap . LOUIS -- Lance Lynn was one of the more enthusiastic participants as the St. . After a lengthy wait, persistent rain finally forced the postponement of the Nationals game against the Miami Marlins on Saturday night. The teams, and a few thousand fans, waited nearly four hours from the 7:05 scheduled start time before an announcement was made shortly before 11 p. Cheap Vapormax China . Oyama had six birdies and two bogeys at Kintetsu Kashikojima in the event also sanctioned by the Japan LPGA Tour. "I have been having this neck ache thats been affecting my golf recently," Oyama said. Vapormax Plus Triple White For Sale . Dukurs winning time was 1 minute, 45.76 seconds, a quarter-second better than Russias Alexander Tretiakov. Lativas Tomass Dukurs was third, 1.41 seconds off the pace. Jon Montgomery of Eckville, Alta. Her Twitter bio reads: CNN Correspondent. Bison. California soul. Silicon Valley raised. NYC sharpened. The reference to her alma mater -- Howard University, from which she graduated in 1995 with a degree in broadcast journalism -- is subtle, but it is an integral part of Stephanie Elams personal history.You see, once youre a Bison, which is the universitys mascot and how current students and alumni affectionately refer to one another, youre a Bison for life.As a former Howard swimmer, Elam says it was that sense of unity and competition learned on the team that helped her progressively navigate her professional life. Now, as an accomplished journalist, she credits her college experience with giving her the confidence to truly pursue and tackle her dreams head-on.espnW caught up with Elam, 42, before she headed back to Howard for its famed homecoming festivities to get insight on her post-college life and more.This interview has been edited for length.espnW: How did you feel when you were about to leave college and (essentially) your athletic career? What was going through your mind? Stephanie Elam: I knew my athletic career had a time limit. I was OK with that part. The thing that was scary for me was leaving the comfort of my whole Howard family, and then moving to New York City. I was like ... Oh, wow, this is adulting for real. When I think back to the spring [before graduation], everyone was buzzing around asking Do you have a job? Do you have a job? I remember everyone talking about their job pursuits. And I felt good about having secured a position, but I was also completely aware that Ill never have the undergraduate experience again.?espnW: How did your first couple of years out of college go? What did you do? SE: When I graduated, I took an internship with Dow Jones Newswires in New York City. So initially I wasnt necessarily sure of what the future held, but at the end of the summer, they offered me a full-time job. And living in NYC wasnt something I set out do, it wasnt on the top of my to-do list, thats just where I ended up. However, it was a good way to enter New York City -- and prepped with that sports background -- I knew that if you had challenges ahead, you had to try to conquer them. Youre trained to do that as an athlete. I just had to figure it out.I got promoted every year I was there -- to the point where I knew I wasnt going to get promoted again, as the people in the next tier had been there for a really long time. Some friends from work were interviewing for another company, so I also went out for a position there as well, and ended up taking a job with Bridge News. That was another real test -- do I leave the comfort of a job I already know, or do I branch out and do something new? But, I took that leap of faith, and it was good for me on so many levels. It improved my life financially, and my sense of responsibility. Overall, I think sports teaches you that you can surmount lifes hurdles if you just give it a good try.espnW: Since college, what choices have you made to set you up for where you are now?SE: I majored in broadcast journalism, because I was like, Well, I like to wriite, and I like people.dddddddddddd. I do think I was true to myself when I selected my major. And I think thats a huge part of what set me up for future success. Also, networking helped me. Overall, I think as women, we need to learn how to network a bit better. Its useful on many levels. You can even create connections for other people -- help define those synergies. It doesnt have to benefit you directly, but it loops you in, and those organic connections are what makes a difference in the long run.espnW: What was the best piece of advice you received when leaving college? SE: Take risks. You can afford to do that when youre young. You might find something you really love, that you never thought to pursue. I wish I had done that a bit more.espnW: What lessons did you take from being an athlete that have applied to your working life? SE: Youre always on a team in corporate America, so the focus on teamwork is important. In my job, we very much operate as a unit. So, that team-life doesnt go away just because youre not competing athletically. Being an athlete has taught me how to trouble shoot during those difficult moments, and figure it out. Thats something that sports truly teaches you. As you never want to let your teammates down.espnW: Professionally, what was your first failure? And what did it teach you? SE: I wish I had considered sports journalism a bit more seriously. All of the features I created in college were sports-related. But, at the time there werent a lot of high-profile women in sports-related journalism -- and I have three older brothers, so Im very comfortable in a male-dominated setting -- but I still had apprehension. So, its not an actual failure, but its something where I wish I could go back and tell younger Stephanie to go ahead and give it a try.?espnW: Did you have a strategy to keep sports/fitness in your life? SE: No, I actually didnt. Especially because I was a swimmer, and in NYC, that was not ... at all happening. Now that Im living in California, Im married with a child, my husband -- who was also collegiate swimmer, and we made sure our daughter was water-safe really early on. We swim, bike, kayak and do lots of walking as a family.espnW: Whats unique about Howard University thats helped you in your professional life? SE: Theres no place like Howard. And the generational understanding [amongst alumni] is just priceless. ?My sister went to Howard, my brother went to Howard, so HU is almost a member of the family. Howard University helped develop me into the woman I am today. There is just something special about stepping on that campus.espnW: What do you wish you knew before graduating that you know now? SE: That Id never be able to recapture that same feeling [I had at Howard]. You take it for granted when youre a student. How many times in life are you just going to be around such beautiful, smart and like-minded people?Ericka N. Goodman-Hughey is a senior editor at espnW and fellow Howard University alum. Follow her on Twitter @ericka_editor ' ' '

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