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nyway). Everyone told Baker not to throw at the opposing pitcher, but she went with her own decision and hit him. That sparked a Antworten

OKLAHOMA CITY -- The way Kevin Martin describes it, the Oklahoma City Thunder lost the "vision" of a potential championship run the morning they learned All-Star point guard Russell Westbrook would be out for the rest of the post-season. Despite fighting to the end in a series of narrow losses to Memphis, the Thunders season -- which seemed so promising even when the playoffs began -- is over much sooner than expected following a five-game loss in the Western Conference semifinals. After making it to the NBA Finals a year earlier, Oklahoma City claimed the No. 1 seed in the West and was the favourite to make it back and challenge the Miami Heat for the title. And then? "We lost the guy that has the keys to our car," Martin said Thursday. The Thunders offence fizzled without Westbrooks scoring punch and ability to create shots for teammates. To make matters worse, they drew the Grizzlies and their league-best defence in the second round. Three-time scoring champion Kevin Durant tried to pick up the slack, but to no avail. "Lets face it, Russells really good. Hes not only one of the best point guards, hes one of best players in the league," coach Scott Brooks said. "He has earned that with all of the work he has put in. He has a great work ethic and a great attitude to improve every day, and his will to win is at the highest level. "We are a much better team -- theres no ands, ifs, buts about that. But were not an excuse team either." Right up until the end, the club believed it could overcome even Westbrooks injury, suffered in a chance collision with Houstons Patrick Beverley in Game 2 of the first round. But after winning the next game, Oklahoma City went 2-6 without Westbrook. "It ended too soon. Thats what Im going to say about the whole experience," Martin said. "I think the year, we set ourselves up to be Western Conference champions this year. Heading into the playoffs, we was playing such great basketball and then you have a fluke injury. You know thats part of sports but you never want to think its going to happen to you or your team. "I feel like thats how our season will be looked at now. Its more like a what if season." The Thunder won 60 games in the regular season and had the best record in the West for the first time since 1996, when the franchise was in Seattle. But all that was thrown out when Westbrook tore cartilage in his right knee during the collision with Beverley and needed surgery. Durant said hed still look back on the season for the good times spent with teammates and the opportunities for growth, not a simply a wasted year. "Im going to be who Im going to be. Im not Kobe Bryant, Im not Michael Jordan, not LeBron James, not Magic Johnson. Im me," Durant said. "Im not going to ever compromise myself or my integrity or what I believe in to win some basketball games or to win a championship. Thats just how I was brought up. "Im always going to fight for the game I love. Im going to claw until the last buzzer sounds. If thats after the championship, then of course Ill be happy. Im not satisfied just being in this league and losing." Durant ended up second in the NBA scoring race to New Yorks Carmelo Anthony but improved his efficiency, becoming one of a handful of players in league history to make at least 50 per cent of his field-goal attempts, 40 per cent of his 3-pointers and 90 per cent of his foul shots. After Westbrooks injury, Durant averaged 31.8 points, 9.9 rebounds and 6.2 assists. It still wasnt enough to lift his team. "You dont win championships ... You dont win playoff series or games with one or two guys. Its always about a team late in the season. Its always about a team in the playoffs," Durant said. "Were going to need everybody to step up, and I like the way we grew up as a unit." Some key decisions loom in the off-season for the franchise that traded eventual All-Star James Harden away at the end of training camp in a bid for financial flexibility under the salary cap. Most notably, Martin will be an unrestricted free agent and may have to take a pay cut to return to the team. "Im at a point in my career where I dont need to get what I can get. ... I have a vision of what I want my career to be, and the main thing is happiness and being a part of something special," Martin said. Bart Starr Super Bowl Jersey . SIMONS ISLAND, Ga. Davante Adams Super Bowl Jersey .ca! Kerry, Two nights after the Scott-Eriksson incident in Buffalo, the Bruins returned home to play San Jose. In that game, Zdeno Chara put a check on Tommy Wingels that clearly targeted his head. . Carey Price didnt, but he still came out on top against one of his rivals for the No. 1 job at the Sochi Games. The Anahim Lake, B.C., native was stellar in making 39 saves in his home province and Lars Eller got credit for a bizarre short-handed winner as the Canadiens defeated the Canucks 4-1. Adrian Amos Super Bowl Jersey . LOUIS -- Lance Lynn was one of the more enthusiastic participants as the St. Dave Robinson Super Bowl Jersey Episode 3 of Foxs Pitch gave viewers an emotionally charged storyline that focused on a game of beanball with Ginny Baker (Kylie Bunbury) at the helm.As the plot thickens, we find that romance is on the horizon for Baker (not Mike Lawson!); an international player from Korea is introduced, whose interpreter has gone missing; and Padres manager Al Luongo (Dan Lauria), team owner Frank Reid (Bob Balaban) and Reids ex-wife do a bit of political maneuvering. Also, its disclosed that Bakers agent, Amelia Slater (Ali Larter), and Mike (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) have had intimate relations in the past. Oh, and the teams general manager Oscar Arguella (Mark Consuelos) is getting a divorce. So, yes, a lot happened.But the most important happenstance and shift in development is that Baker was finally given some agency.Over the course of the first two episodes, Baker has leaned on other people to approve her decisions and inspire her. For instance, in the pilot episode, Lawson gave Baker a rousing pregame pep talk to get her head in the game. It happened again in Episode 2 when her brother, Will, instructed her to hire Amelia and when Lawson affirmed her decision to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! telling her to use her platform for good.Ultimately Baker made her own decisions, but they were helped along by the (well-meaning) men in her life. The scenes were moving, but from a feminist perspective, its a little disconcerting to see a character who is arguably a paragon for feminism having to constantly be validated by men.The episode is wrapped up in good ol beanball, a term used in baseball for when a pitcher intentionally throws at or near a batter. The Padres are taking on the St. Louis Cardinals for the first time since a Cardinals pitcher threw at Tommy Miller (Ryan Dorsey) and broke his hand.Miller is the pitcher who Baker had repllaced on the roster and the same person who had been giving her hell since she started with the team.ddddddddddddNo doubt she saw an opportunity to prove her loyalty to the club by getting back at the Cardinals.Oscar and the team owners were nervous about the game because playing beanball with a female pitcher on the mound sounded a lot worse than an average baseball brawl (which ended up happening anyway). Everyone told Baker not to throw at the opposing pitcher, but she went with her own decision and hit him. That sparked a conflict and led to the fight.When the Cardinals subbed in their reliever nicknamed The Mountain, it appeared as if Baker was going to get creamed by a 100 mph fastball. The Mountain, however, walked her on four straight pitches, apparently at the behest of the catcher who (and this is unbelievable) used to date Baker when they were back in the minors.Oh, the drama!From the moment Baker threw at the Cardinals pitcher, viewers saw a different side of her. This version of Baker was defiant, strong and quick-witted. It was a glimpse of the fire that allowed her to persevere through the taunts of her teammates and the difficulty of breaking a barely cracked glass ceiling.Underneath Bakers character development, however, is the meat of this show. Its asking viewers to really grapple with what a female pitcher in MLB could look like and what sort of mundane, regular happenings and traditions suddenly become much more complex and nuanced.Thats the beauty of Pitch. After what some surely think is a gimmick, there are real issues to be considered and explored. The show has done that for the past three weeks. It will be interesting to see whether that approach has staying power. ' ' '

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