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Home Remedies For Thrush - Get Rid Of This Naturally Health Articles | August 23, 2011
Thrush is an infection caused by candida, a type of yeast or fungus. Normally some amount of candida resides in the mouth and digestive tract of normal, healthy human being.
Thrush is an oral infection caused by candida, a type of yeast or fungus. Normally some amount of candida resides in the mouth Cheap Sebastian Rudy Jersey , skin and digestive tract of normal, healthy human being. Other bacteria or micro-organisms keep the fungus in check. Only when due to certain reasons, an explosive growth of candida occurs, especially in mouth, thrush develops. Thrush commonly strikes babies Cheap Ron Thorben Hoffmann Jersey , toddlers and older adults but actually it can happen to anyone.聽

Thrush usually develops on tongue and inner cheeks; but roof of mouth, tonsils, gum or back of throat may also be affected sometimes. Thrush looks like patches of cottage cheese. The lesions, in other words, are creamy white and slightly elevated. Often Cheap Robert Lewandowski Jersey , the infection spreads to food pipe creating difficulty in swallowing, pain, feeling of food getting stuck in throat and fever. The thrush patches on tongue or inner cheek also pain a lot, bleed on getting scraped. The factors triggering thrush may be listed as follows:

1. Weakened immune system
2. Stress
3. Smoking
4. Wearing of ill-fitting dentures.
5. Medications like antibiotics, contraceptive pills Cheap Renato Sanches Jersey , corticosteroids etc.
6. Medical conditions like diabetes, AIDS, cancer, dry mouth etc.
7. Vaginal yeast infection in pregnant mothers.

Home Remedies for Thrush

1. Smear the thrush patches with little yoghurt. Do not swallow it. Let it settle on the thrush for sometime. This is an effective home remedy for thrush.

2. Mix 1 teaspoon baking soda in eight ounces of water. Soak a cotton swab in the solution and apply on thrush. This home remedies for thrush treat this problem of thrush.

3. Mix 1 tablespoon vinegar in a cup of water. Soak a cotton ball in the solution and pat on thrush. Do this twice daily to get rid of thrush.

4. Soak plantain seeds in water overnight. In the morning mash the swollen seeds. It will form a jelly-like substance. Apply this jelly on thrush to get cured.
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