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22.02.2020 12:18
How to choose your goat breeds Antworten

How to choose your goat breeds
Depending on your motive of goat farming you must choose the right goat breeds for your farm. Typically, peoples are raising goats for the following reasons. For the purpose of Starting farming which based on Goat or Sheep first and foremost important things are to selection process and methods in different stages.

Raising goat for milk,
Raising goat for meat,
Raising goat for hair,
Raising goat for sale as pets.
It’s really quite important especially for beginners who want to start initially and farmers should select bulky type goat. So after observing some information Boer goat is ideal for any farmers. It’s actually originated from South Africa but in India, it can be found. At the first level, 2 goat is enough for 100 female goats. A male goat has to be 105 Kg and most important part this type of Goat has produced huge meat which much more profitable compared with another type of goat.

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