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Ron Adrianne Dumale Cortez : This is the second time I've bought these gloves. The first time I purchased them was in the garden shop of a large national chain of a home improvement store. This time, I decided to look on amazon and saw this package of three pairs, for a similar price to what I paid for the one pair. I really like the gloves because they are comfortable and fit my hands well, not bulky. I wear them a lot as I do quite a bit of gardening; they last about one season. I will be back on amazon to order more when these ones wear out!
Vanessa Esquivias : These are great. My son loves them.
Evi Pappa : Exactly as expected. Fit my Dream On Me mattress like a "dream"! Washed good. Very soft for my babies!
Anthony Sumapig : I recently purchased the sheet. The sheet fits perfectly onto my porta crib mattress. It's very soft and holding up after constantly washing it. I like the soft pink color and it blends right into the decor of my children's room.

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