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Why you should invest in new shutters for your home
Plantation shutters are more than just an attractive decoration option; they can also increase the overall value of your house and save you energy bills. They help reduce energy costs and protect the value of your house. There are several important reasons why you might choose to put shutters in addition to the desirable appearance appeal. Here are some examples, including:
Blinds prevent damage from sunlight. When you close them, it blocks the sun. Natural light may be beautiful, but over time, it can also cause damage to indoors. Most notably, sunlight can damage wooden floors and delicate interiors, such as curtains and sofas. They also allow you to easily darken your room for rest or watching TV.
Blinds keep air flowing. The window is an opening to the outside. Even if the windows are well sealed, they still absorb some moisture, cold or heat from the outdoors. They can add an extra barrier to reduce the impact of these elements, they can help keep the house more comfortable, and help reduce energy bills. For owners of historic buildings, maintaining old, intact windows is sometimes necessary due to protection regulations. They can add insulation without changing windows.
Blinds help with weather and seasonal issues and can help protect your home from seasonal weather. That's why their house on the picturesque beach was sealed during the hurricane. They protect the windows from damage and therefore the people inside. In addition to providing additional protection during hurricanes and tornadoes, they also provide additional weather insulation at extreme temperatures.
Strangers come in and out of your home. When you see a worker holding a jackhammer, you have a slight panic because you don't remember that your improvement was authorized for removal. Looking for the person responsible for your project, but found that they are m.i.a, do not know what to do every day. Feeling out of my vision and thoughts. Do these sound familiar?
Any home renovation is time consuming, expensive, and sometimes stressful. Regardless of need or choice, remodeling is difficult! With our team of experts in your project, custom window overlays can be one of the easiest steps.
Let me show you step by step how we handle all new customers:
Step 1: Give us a call and tell us what you are looking for, how many windows we will cover, and a color scheme. We can talk about the conditions before we start.
Step 2: We will arrange for you to go home at your convenience, measure your vision, and then brainstorm to find the best way to achieve your vision. If you're not sure what style to use, we have a lot of real customer photos to get perspective, and our bosses even take people home to see their shutters to inspire our customers' creativity. Do you need to match your existing colors? No problem! There are weird windows? No problem! All our shutters are customized to meet the exact shape, size and color needs.
Step 3: Once you submit your order, we will send color samples so that you can compare different lighting in your home and room, so you can feel absolutely confident in your choice. Once all the details have been approved by you, we will give you an exact completion date. Are you in a hurry for blinds? We can place your order immediately without reducing quality.
Step 4: If you live nearby and want to see how your shutters are made, we will always invite you to visit our facilities. Every door goes through every station, and believe me, they need to be perfect.
Step 5: Once your blinds are built, paint, and inspect, it's time to install. Again, at your convenience, we will arrange a date and time to professionally install your new curtains!
Notice that every step involves you? Because this is your vision, your project. We are only in your team to help you make this process easier, less stressful, and turn your vision into a completed project.
Step one: start with spring cleaning
Now is the best time for a real old-fashioned spring cleaning! Wash your walls, hang things in the cupboard, and organize them well, which will help you rediscover your home without the need for decoration.
Let's start with areas with heavy traffic. To be honest, a dark, messy hallway full of shoes, coats and bags can easily make us feel anxious. When we returned home after a busy day of work, the worn walls did not give us the warm welcome we needed.
These spaces help our home flow from room to room. If these things are messy, they are likely to spread to other parts of the house.
One way to bring order to these regions is to use smart storage solutions. When they enter the door, give everyone a place to hang their coats, give everyone a basket for shoes, an umbrella stand, a hook for dogs, a letter stand and a key box. I like to put my coats in the cupboard so that they are invisible. I changed my cupboard under the stairs to a hanger, and I could close the door.
Then clean it up every month-put your shoes in your bedroom, put your coat back on the hook, recycle the spam, and put everything back in the right place.
Spring cleaning tips
Scrub the stains off the wall with a sugar soap solution
Wash the windows inside and out to let more light into your home
Put the vacuum cleaner in your wardrobe and hide the winter clothes in a vacuum bag
Replace your winter duvet with a lightweight spring duvet
Invest in storage boxes for easily soiled cabinets (I like transparent plastic boxes so I can immediately see what's inside)
Hooks are key to getting debris on the floor where they should go
Make everything in the home valuable. When I was cleaning, I took the opportunity to organize my stuff. Put your unwanted candy in a local charity store so they can find a new home.
Once you have pinned the corridor and landing area, you cannot stop. You'll organize the rest of the house little by little until you clean up every room. Now you are ready to proceed to the second step ...
Step two: decorate your home with what you already have
Let me tell you euphemistically that paint is not the only way to refresh your home. Look, I said that! Anything that is painted in a large area of ​​the room-such as a rug, sofa cover, or artwork-will inject the color you want for your solution. All you need to do is move things around the house and make every place look new this spring.

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