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It is a question of ownership in our high world and world of employment as well as hiring terms and employee to employer hire relationships. In the vast majority of cases invention ownership is and usually can be pinned down and determined in strict legal terms by the terms of the employment agreement.

The employee themselves can be said to determine "inventions" or invented goods and ideas if the inventions is made on "their own time" using their own facilities and equipment. The problem is in 2010 2011 employers seem to think that their workers are theirs 247 and on top of that much of the communications gear employees are using - for example blackberries or iPhones to surf the web or simpler cell phones to communicate are company issued . Using any of these devices or for example a company laptop or netbook even on the employees "own time" at say 2 am has a more muddied clarification. It is not that easy anymore to be distinct as to whom and who owes what and which idea. For example suppose the employee dreams up "his idea" on their vacation at the cottage yet uses the employer issue android phone for research uses on the internet or to coordinate efforts with someone else overseas.

Before a decision or determination is made or even before negotiations are conducted or initiated it is always best legal practice to read the employment agreement and the "small print". Most employment agreements provide: that the employee owns the invention or intellectual property or properties if he uses the companies' facilities or time Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shiping , but the invention process is outside of his job. Interestingly though most employees in 2010 2011 multitask and often are involved in tasks and procedures that could be said to be "outside of their job" or expertise. Even though if the product - physical or intellectual is produced - the firm may be said to have "shop rights' to the invention or even upgrade. What this means is that the company or organization can use the invention free of charge or any levies or fees what so ever. This is regardless of what the employee decides or chooses to do with their claimed patent.

On the other side of the executive line the company owns the invention, process idea or sets of ideas soundly if the employee's invention falls within the scope of his or her job.

What can employers or even employees do to prevent such a gray area of conflicts to develop and arise? First of all as part of the hiring process and procedures human resources can draft up a supplementary contract document that as part of their job and terms of employment that part of their job and that their job description clearly states that part of their responsibilities and daily duties involve development Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China , developments and research which can result in new ideas, inventions Wholesale NFL Jerseys China , intellectual property as well as process development.

Lastly in drafting up these documents and agreements it is best to avoid overly broad language in the agreement which could be interpreted as preventing the employee from ever competing with the employer. The reason for this is that if there is ever a legal dispute between the employer and employee, a court of law might invalidate any covenant that thus overreached the company's lawful claim on employees.

Determining ownership of inventions and intellectual property claims between employers and employees can sure be a mine field. Being the next Carmen Electra or Paris Hilton might or might not appeal to all you Wholesale NFL Jerseys , but there are things that do appeal to you, and you don't do them.

Maybe this is because you lacked the confidence to reach out for it or maybe this is because you just we're not sure it was right for you.

In this article I want to help you use lack of confidence as your indicator ? showing you when you should clearly hold back and when you should go for it.

The first thing you need to get clear on is what you want. You need to know what your outcome is going to be. When I say this I don't just mean in any old day-to-day situation Wholesale Jerseys China Free Shiping , I mean in your life as a whole.

There's an effective way to look at your life as a whole, gain clarity and boost your confidence all in one shot. Shall I share how with you?

There is nothing more effective in creating confidence than knowing how you want things to work out. When you do this you educate yourself. From the point of knowledge you can make an educated decision and literally pivot your whole life from where you are now to your ultimate destiny? and all the success and happiness you can imagine.

If you know clearly the 'what' and the 'why' of your life then you can look at daily events and never again need to consider if you have the ability or if you can or can't pull it off.

When you know the 'what' and the why' you look at life differently. You no longer look at your life and question your ability with can I or can't I or could I or should I questions. Knowing 'what' and 'why' gives you a new kind of power.

When you know 'what' and 'why' you look at daily events and never question your ability. You do this because you now know clearly how life is going to be. The question you will now ask yourself is: will I? And this subtle question can change your life.

When you're focussed on your meaning and direction instead of your level of ability your energy becomes channelled and focussed. It hones in on the outcome with such clarity that your chances of success literally explode.

The most powerful way I've found to find the 'what' and the why' and you're meaning and direction is to work on what your life is all about. You do this by discovering and understanding Life Purpose.

Life Purpose is based on the idea that you have a unique gift and a distinctive way of expressing it that will benefit others. When you discover and understand your life purpose you unlock your full potential.

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