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Using Promotional Items in Retail Stores Marketing Articles | August 19 Cheap Fake Replica Football Jerseys , 2008
Giving away promotional items in your retail store can be a great way to tempt your customers into spending more money.

For the uninitiated, the concept of giving away items in order to increase sales might sound odd, but in fact, it?s one of the best and most effective ways of using promotional items.

Immediate and Long-term Purchase Incentives

Using promotional items as purchase incentives simply means giving away items in a way that induces your customers to make more purchases, or make larger purchases. In its most basic form, this can be the simple ?buy one Cheap Replica Football Jerseys Online , get one free? type of strategy that is often used to get rid of items that aren?t selling well, or any time where a store is holding a sale. These types of immediate purchase incentives are a great way of moving stock that is slow to sell, or of increasing sales of a high mark-up item by offering free gifts with a purchase of that item. For example, if you sell outdoor furniture, you might offer a free sun umbrella with every purchase of a set of outdoor furniture.

Alternatively, you can give away promotional items in a way that increases your sales in the long term Cheap Replica Football Jerseys From China , by creating an incentive plan that customers can take part in. This type of long-term purchase incentive plan offers your customers a free gift of a certain value when they make a number of purchases in your store. An easy way to do this is to create business card-sized items that you distribute to customers, and then each time they make a purchase, you stamp or tick the card to make a record of it. You can also record the value of the purchase, if you wish, depending on the structure of your incentive plan.

When creating your plan you?ll choose a threshold at which the customer can choose a free gift?ten is usually the preferred number. Offer a variety of promotional items to the customer when they?ve made their ten purchases, and you not only create some goodwill by giving away a free item Cheap Replica Football Jerseys China , you?re also distributing some advertising material at the same time, since your promotional items are branded with your company name and logo. In addition, incentive plans such as these are a great way of inducing customers to shop at your store rather than a competitor?s.


Offering collectible items is another great way of increasing traffic over a long period of time. With this strategy you offer, for example, a different free toy, collector?s tin or other item each week or each month with a customer purchase. This invites your customers to return often so that they can collect every item in the set Cheap Replica Football Jerseys , and at the end of the promotional period, you will have gained a large number of loyal customers who will continue to shop at your store.

Selling Promotional Items for Profit

Many retail stores and companies?even smaller ones?sell items that are branded with their own company name, logo or image. This can be a very profitable method of getting your advertising out to the public, particularly if you sell high-visibility items such as clothing, bags and umbrellas. When selling promotional items in this way, it?s usually a good idea to choose items that are appropriate for your particular store?for example Fake Replica Football Jerseys , in a computer store you might sell branded mouse mats, while clothing and bags are ideal for school or university stores.

GOLDEN TREASURES Family Articles | June 8, 2002
Certain foods evoke ... ... ... Ah, the joy of watching golden yellow pats of rich, dairy butter melted and oozing down corn on the cob. Each ear totally drenched with this liquid t

Certain foods evoke pleasant, comforting memories. Ah Replica Football Jerseys Online , the joy of watching golden yellow pats of rich, dairy butter melted and oozing down corn on the cob. Each ear totally drenched with this liquid treasure, and the taste - well, let?s face it, fresh ears of corn were made by God so that we can enjoy the sensual pleasure of sight, smell and taste. Even butter melting in a perfectly baked potato Replica Football Jerseys From China , or an impressive stack of homemade pancakes is a delight. Now these are memories made in heaven and true ?comfort? food. Even butter melted on a mound of mashed potatoes can take your breath away. Pure butter is a taste sensation all its own and richly deserves the oohs and aahs it invokes.

Flavored butter is coming into a tradition all its own. It adds dimension, change of pace, and additional interest and pleasure to any meal setting. Try some of these on anything that craves butter to make it perfect - from toast to that grilled ear of golden kernels.

Garlicparsley butter:
Beat 12 cup firm butter in an electric mixer until it is the consistency of whipped cream.
Add 2 tbs. coffee cream, about 14 tsp. garlic powder, 14 tsp. salt, and 14 cup finely chopped fresh parsley.
Not only do you get the taste Replica Football Jerseys China , but the color - gentle and enticing!
Zesty butter:
Beat 12 cup firm butter in an electric mixer for about 3 mins. or until it has the consistency of whipped cream. Slowly add 2 tbs. cold, coffee cream, 3 tbs. prepared horseradish, and 12 tsp. salt, Beat until well-blended.
A bit of bite but a delight!
Keep in your Freezer butters:
Make these jewels when you have some spare time, scoop them with a small-size scoop Replica Football Jerseys , roll them gently, place on waxed paper, and freeze. Once frozen, they can be removed and stacked in plastic containers. Remove them about 20 mins. before serving. You will always have some ?taste sensations? stashed away to surprise and delight unexpected guests.
Use 14 lb. butter, blended in a electric mixing bowl until smooth. Just add:
2 tbs. minced . Cheap NHL Hockey Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Free Shipping Wholesale Jerseys China Online Wholesale Jerseys China Online Cheap Retro Soccer Jerseys Cheap Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys China Online Cheap Throwback Sports Jerseys Cheap NFL Football Jerseys Cheap College Hockey Jerseys

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