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Recently Robin Lehner Jersey , VoIP call recording and VoIP high definition phone service announced that they were joining forces to provide high definition IP call recording. This new high definition VoIP telephony offers end users their final proof that VoIP telephony is able to support their needs not only in convenience and price, but also in higher quality voice communication. By adding the ability to record these higher quality communications, the complete package is now available.

Since the release of VoIP phone service, the number one user complaint has been surrounding the voice quality. A few industry leading VoIP hardware vendors have found a way to solve this issue by incorporating the G.722 codec into their VoIP telephones. If the voice quality is improved with G.722 codec, so then will be the voice that is recorded with any given IP call recording solution Olli Maatta Jersey , or so many would assume. Well, the fact is that most IP call recording solutions do not support the G.722 codec yet and therefore these calls are simply not recordable on those solutions. Recently it was announced that one call recording does support the G.722 codec and is now able to provide high definition call recording, offering many benefits to the provider and to the end user.

By successfully achieving interoperability with the G.722 codec, this unique IP call recording solution is able to provide high definition call recording with the new audio standard for internal PBX communication. This means that only the IP call recording solutions that are compatible with the G.722 codec can work effectively with the new Cisco Unified Communications Manager, the next generation of Cisco phones Brandon Saad Jersey , and the new Polycom phones. If the call recording solution is not compatible with G.722, the calls will be listed as "empty" meaning that the solution is unable to record the call. As the next generation VoIP phones become the standard, more and more calls are going to be listed as "empty" and user's satisfaction with their service is going to drastically decline. UNLESS, your call recording solution is able to foresee this change and act now to become interoperable with the G.722 codec.

Another obvious perk of high definition call recording is that it enables a higher fidelity of audio recording, enabling other third party applications which perform word-spotting Artem Anisimov Jersey , compliance checking, and call center quality assurance to work better without requiring a larger MP3 because these calls are recordable in the same compression quality as earlier IP call recordings. In other words, you get the quality enhancement of high definition call recording without adding any additional storage nightmares.

And finally, it has been proven that the G.722 codec enables VoIP conversations to be clearer than traditional digital linePSTN calls. This provides another level of differentiation against digital line (PBX) solutions or traditional POTS conversations. Since the number one criticism of VoIP has been the voice quality, this is a huge victory for the VoIP industry. Not only are they now able to provide higher quality voice communication than previously available in the VoIP market Alex DeBrincat Jersey , they are now able to provide even higher quality than traditional phone systems, removing that last and final obstacle to converting to VoIP telephony. "James is so restless and energetic. I wonder if he's hyperactive."

"Nancy seems to be all over the place. She's got a dozen projects going at once!"

"Harley does things so fast! He put up a website in two weeks."

"Marlene is so intense. She needs to lighten up."

While it's possible that James is hyperactive, Nancy is scattered, Harley skates on thin ice and Marlene is depressed, it's also possible that each of these people wears the label Brent Seabrook Jersey , "gifted adult," often unaware.

Gifted children often lose interest in school because they're bored. They don't always get top grades because they think in unconventional patterns.

Gifted adults can be misunderstood. Those who read books like Jacobsen's The Gifted Adult often feel relieved: "Finally, someone understands where I'm coming from!"

Gifted adults often face unique career challenges. Job environments rarely reward creativity, a hallmark of the gifted, and frequently punish anyone who threatens to color outside the lines. Corporations often resemble football games Patrick Kane Blackhawks Jersey , where players are rewarded for being in position to receive the ball everyone wins by executing the coach's play. Gifted people function better when their game resembles playground basketball, where you can scramble and make plays as you go.

And when gifted adults seek career guidance, they must filter feedback they receive from friends and consultants who are not familiar with their situation.

* "Whoa! You're trying to be a jack-of-all trades and you'll end up a master of none."

* "Wow! I've never seen anyone move as fast as you do. I'm sure you're going to be a success."

* "You're going too fast! Slow down or you'll fail."

* "Focus on one thing at a time."

* "Boy, you're catching on fast! You must be well-suited to this field."

If you're gifted, you probably already have some idea that you're "different." Read a few books and articles. Browse websites. Understanding how you operate can help you avoid Corey Crawford Blackhawks Jersey , "Why is this happening" questions and reach success on your own terms.

I offer one-to-one consultations on career strategy.

About The Author

Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D., is an author, speaker and careerbusiness consultant, helping midlife professionals take their First step to a Second Career. .

"Ten secrets of mastering a major life change" mailto:subscribe@

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