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goodwood Offline

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23.04.2020 03:58
medical staff should wash their hands Antworten

"With the popularity of coronaviruses, we are becoming more familiar with terms such as personal protective equipment (PPE) and N95 masks.
But who needs PPE, why, and when?
Personal protective equipment is commonly used in healthcare and laboratory environments, and workers wear it to prevent viruses and bacteria from infecting body fluids.
Personal protective equipment is regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration to ensure that it can resist tearing and effectively block liquids
Medical personnel who take direct care of COD-19 patients must wear a full set of PPE, including robes / clothes, gloves, face masks or goggles, surgical masks and / or respirator masks.
Dress / clothing
Protective clothing includes surgical clothing. They are designed to cover the entire body, wear it only once, and then throw it away.
Patients with confirmed COVID-19 cases should wear masks / respirator masks during treatment, and medical staff should also wear masks when treating patients with respiratory symptoms.
N95 gas masks and medical masks can protect the wearer from particles and liquids in the air. N95 gas masks are different from surgical masks, but provide a higher level of protection. They tightly surround the nose and mouth, filtering out 95% of the large and small particles in the air
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (cdc) does not recommend that the public wear masks, but instead recommends that you maintain proper social distance, wash your hands frequently, hand sanitizer, and other good hygiene habits, such as coughing and sneezing Cover it from time to time and stay at home when you are sick.
Annemarie Schmocker, infection control manager at Elmhurst Hospital, said: "Wearing a mask when asymptomatic may increase the risk of transmission due to improper use." "This may result in more facial contact to reposition the mask, or it may cause A wrong sense of protection depends on how long they wear the same mask, and it also reduces the possibility of personal hand washing. "
Goggles / face shield
It is important to protect the mucous membranes of medical personnel, including eyes, nose and mouth (zone t). Goggles can protect your eyes because infected patients may cough or sneeze into the air. A face mask is a protective device that completely covers the area t and provides additional protection for surgical masks worn by medical staff.
Medical gloves are disposable and can be leak-proof / tear / tear. Before putting on gloves and taking off gloves, medical staff should wash their hands.
Medical staff should wear personal protective equipment when caring for patients with infectious diseases. As more and more people are hospitalized with coronaviruses, there is a great demand for personal protective equipment.
Schmocker said: "The medical staff who care for covid19 patients need a few pieces of PPE. Depending on the patient's acuity, the medical staff may need to enter the patient's room multiple times, which increases the total usage and also increases the burn rate of the hospital";
What does the Edward-Elmhurst Health Center do with coronavirus? Click here for the latest information.
Edward-Elmhurst Health plans to use medical grades and approve PPE as the first line of defense on the front line. However, we accept all commercial and self-made personal protective equipment as emergency backup. If we do not need these materials, we will cooperate with other organizations and use them to the best of our ability. The most needed items include:
N95 mask
Procedure / mask
handwashing fluid
Disinfection wipes
Nitrile gloves
Isolation gown

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08.05.2020 15:14
#2 RE: medical staff should wash their hands Antworten

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