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Time flies, time rushes, and in a blink of an eye, six years of primary school life is over, we are about to bid farewell to our colorful childhood and usher in a glorious boyhood. Today��July 3rd��This was an unusual day, the last time I stepped into my alma mater as a primary school student��the primary school. In the morning, I entered a familiar campus with a complicated mood. When I came to the classroom, I met the classmates who used to get along with each other. They were full of excitement, which made this only a little time full of joy again, and let the spacious and bright classroom be filled with joy and laughter again ... I hope that time will stop in this beautiful The moment! The graduation ceremony began. Under the two hundred-year-old Phoenix Rongs, the students stood neatly, and the parents of each student sat in the back chairs. In the high-spirited national anthem and the touching melody of the school song Carton Of Cigarettes, President Wang Wholesale Cigarettes, student representatives, and parent representatives all gave speeches under the Phoenix Banyan. The words and sentences conveyed this feeling of goodbye and heartfelt wishes. situation. Teacher, thank you for letting me go from childish to mature, and let me become sensible from ignorance ... Thank you, then we got the book "Under the Phoenix Banyan Tree", this is a compilation of the anthology of our classmates , It freezes us all and records the deep footprints we left in the attached primary school. This book is different from any book. It is the result of the sighs of the classmates and the tireless teaching of the teacher. It was time to issue the graduation certificate. I saw the teacher holding a stack of graduation certificates and handed it to the four team leaders, who then handed it to each classmate. But I was holding this certificate and I was in a heavy mood. I wonder if I should be happy or sad! I am pleased that this certificate is a testimony of six years of primary school learning. It closes our colorful primary school life and also opens our door to colorful secondary school life; sadly, after getting this certificate Everyone will be separated ... This little graduation certificate is so heavy ... so heavy ... We can have today, without parental encouragement and meticulous care. Parental grace is higher than the mountain and deeper than the sea. , So the classmates presented a sincere gift to their parents. I held the gift and walked in front of my father and gave it to my father: "Dad, this is placed in the car. The four words on the top are" Easy sailing ", which is my blessing to you, O (��_��) O thank you The selfless love for me from small to large ... Soon, the graduation ceremony was over, and our moods were very complicated. When I stepped out of the small school where I studied Online Cigarettes, I could n��t help but look back at the beautiful alma mater
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