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Stroll at a certain distance in the National Peony Garden. Walking into the blooming Peony Garden is like walking into a state of victory, looming urns, gurgling water, winding corridors, flying bridges and champs, woods shade, wisteria show, all this Covered in red, purple and white peony bushes. The Peony Garden in the National Peony Park is between Chen Jiaxilu, Xianweng Pavilion, Deyinzhai and Laojun Temple. People who came to see Peony Fangrong wear masks and endless streams. When you walk into the Peony Garden, you can see its fragrance before seeing it. A strong fragrance of peony comes out, and it is refreshing. Seeing that the blossoming peonies in the garden are particularly beautiful and beautiful among the green leaves, at this moment, the lyrics of the court musician Li Yannian in the Han Dynasty can only be used to describe the stunning peonies! "Take a look at Qingren City, then look at Qingren Kingdom. Would you rather know Qingcheng and Qingguo?" The peony flower with a beautiful national appearance has huge flowers, layers of petals, beautiful stamens, and different colors. There are "Zhao Hong" with white powder, delicate and elegant "Lilac Violet" Newport Cigarettes, powder like curdled "Lantian Jade", and dazzling "Luoyang Red" ... walking through the garden full of blooming and colorful peonies, but Seeing that peony is beautiful and beautiful, graceful and magnificent, dignified and magnificent, and seeing "Two Joes", "Blue Peony", and other precious peony treasures, but seeing the brilliant red glow, white clothes win the snow, Ruojinghong, Wanruoyoulong, really "Peony King of the Millennium"! Wandering among the flowers blooming with peonies, the fragrance is lingering, like a midstream painting. The peony flowers are noble, and the peony flowers are rich, noble, open, devoted, falling, and thrilling. If it does not open, then she will be safe, and she will despise Wu Zetian's high-pressure imperial power, rather she will be demoted but not charming. But when she is in full bloom, she is beautiful and refined, beautiful and noble peony flowers bloom, the fragrance is pungent, breathing fragrant air, vomiting and renewing, the mood is comfortable, the cultivation of sentiment is beneficial to physical and mental health. "Alternatively looking at peonies in spring and summer, smelling incense can cure all diseases." Although this is a bit off, it shows the floral fragrance of peonies! Can't help but want to smell the peony fragrance from a distance, I stood outside the marble bar, holding the peony to extend the neck, holding the peony flower to smell it, this long and affectionate smell really brought me into the fragrance of the dream The environment is so fascinating! In order to satisfy my devoted love for peonies for decades, it seemed that time was drunk and frozen at this moment Marlboro Gold, stopped too intoxicated, and walked and walked without knowing the clouds floated over the national peony garden. It started raining down the ground Carton Of Cigarettes, avoiding the rain in front of the dynasty park built on the site of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty Wangcheng, but I saw a group of tourists who came to Luoyang by car for more than ten hours. In the National Peony Park, just to see the fragrance of peonies, it is really "the peony demon in front of the court has no grid, the Fushangjing in Chishang is affectionate, and only the peony is truly national, and the capital blooms in the capital"! Wander around the National Peony Park and be captivated by the beauty of peonies! The well-rounded peony garden has a beautiful name and a variety. It's really "who doesn't love peonies and accounts for the good things in the broken city, suspected to be the Luochuan goddess, and the charm of the city is broken by all kinds of things". In order to prevent the peony flower from being hit by the rain, the park set up a canopy, and the peonies in the canopy were also blooming cheerfully and calmly. And the few peony flowers that were not sheltered by the canopy but lost their color, lost her fragrance, and fell into the dirt, turned into dust, ah, peony, "Lonely withered red Rain, Lipi breaks into the wind, and the wind drifts. Qingming is still melancholy on the ground, not to mention drifting into the soil. "Yu Yao is leaving the garden. I have a lot of reluctance in my heart. The sky was clear when we left the park, but it was the peak of entering and leaving the park. "Luoyang is the most prosperous spring day, and there are 100,000 in the shade of red and green. Whoever likes flowers like splendid flowers, people will learn about flowers like splendid flowers."
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