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24.05.2020 03:09
We were all sitting Antworten

We were all sitting in the room, and heard a colleague read a message, "In the future, xx will no longer accept the cabinet list, and private orders will not account for the performance. The cabinet list has XX and XY to be responsible." Using text to describe this scenario There is always a taste in the novel. But life is much richer than the novel. It is 83-year-old Tong who read this news. In private, I always jokingly call him Uncle Tong or a friend of women. In addition to ridicule, I feel a sense of intimacy without distance, but I do n��t know how he really feels. Oh, he always called Old Lee Old Lee. I don't like this title. I feel like I'm ugly. The name is not beautiful. So the title of Uncle Tong came from this. He always used to add a big or old word before some names, as if this would show his big pattern, maybe his height of less than 1 meter 7 his potential inferiority complex psychological reaction. Like another colleague before me, the height is not high, but the delivery is always looking for big guys. I can't help but feel very funny after hearing this, the contrast is very big. This colleague is very humorous. After leaving the company, something unpleasant happened to us. Besides, our communication has been very good. However, the working relationship of colleagues is that they can be used for the purpose of holding, and they do n��t need to be as unseen as they have n��t seen them ~ very realistic and naked ~ very real ~ very humane. I miss it and I hate it. The plot and protagonist of my story have not yet begun. This news is enough to make me surprised and sentimental. I seem to be nothing, but no one cares more than I do. This xx is one that I have paid special attention to since I joined the company ~ It is still as handsome and talented as the original evaluation. We have known each other for several months Marlboro Lights. Specifically speaking, it has been almost a year. Familiarity is a matter of the following months. At the beginning, Yan value was loyal to talent. Now it is really familiar and understanding, but it is only a relative understanding. We are not familiar with it, and it is difficult to be familiar with our way. Think about it, knowing this is the case ~ Maybe you will cherish the days together. What kind of person is he? No one wears the whole watch unexpectedly. And the heart is when all these are comfortable and pleasing to the eye. He is not an easy-to-close person, but also has a certain degree of arrogance and strength. He has his own principles for doing things. At the same time, there is no harm in trivial matters. Some of the work between us is still harmoniously over, but we still cannot return to the inherent trust. This is the case with him. Maybe he thinks that if people do n��t commit me, I do n��t commit anybody. Everyone has his own temper. It is said that he has also received cabinet orders for several years. What a pity. Even the transfer company should always listen to his opinions. The exact reason may be clearer Cigarettes For Sale. Well, be yourself and worry. There is no connection and opportunity between us ~ let it be, whatever you like, it doesn't matter Parliament Cigarettes.
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13.07.2020 08:39
#2 RE: We were all sitting Antworten

Great post! I didn’t knowral of these resources and I’m going to go check them out now!

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