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salesmoking ( Gast )

24.09.2020 08:44
Lynn throws support behind doctor Antworten

Lynnís right. You donít ever want to see a guy lose his job like this. But if Herbert expands on the promise he showed in Sundayís game against the Chiefs next week and beyond, whatís Lynn going to do? Put a star rookie quarterback back on the bench?
Taylor, a 31-year-old journeyman, was never the answer here. Herbert is the guy. Heís the quarterback with the first-round pedigree expected to be the long-term replacement for Philip Rivers. Once the Chargers drafted Herbert, Taylorís role became that of a placeholder.
At the same time, what happened to Taylorís health and potentially his career because of medical negligence is unfortunate.
These two conflicting realities exist in the same space. Lynn for now is publicly backing a well-liked quarterback put in a terrible situation. But at some point, this scenarioís going to require a painful decision one way or the other. Lynn confirmed the expected on Wednesday, announcing Herbert as the starter this week with Taylor not ready to go. Lynn told reporters that the team isnít planning to place Taylor on injured reserve and reiterated his stance that Taylor will remain the starter once heís cleared to play. Itís a different tone than Lynn took when managing the information prior to the news about Taylorís punctured lung went public. On Monday, Lynn put his stance on keeping Taylor as the starter on Herbert not being ready, flying in the face of what was obvious to everyone who watched Sundayís game.
Lynn is in the position of navigating a minefield here through no fault of his own. Beyond the obvious and immediate concerns around Taylorís health, Lynn is left to manage what is all of a sudden a very precarious quarterback situation with legal implications and the long-term trajectory of the team in play.]Online Cigarettes Store USA[/url]

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