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Small box label paper selection and color difference comparison: The authentic small box label paper is made of a unique, delicate and elegant corrugated wire high-end special imported material Marlboro Cigarettes, the color is mainly gold, and the color is bright; the fake cigarette small box label paper is a common material. The paper is inferior in quality, relatively thin, without hardness, and the color is dark yellow, which is obviously different from the real product. Comparison of small box trademark printing process differences: the front printing process of the genuine small box label paper is hot stamped with the word "" in blue, and the edge is finely carved and engraved with hot stamping technology, and the color hot stamping is even and complete; the fake cigarette small box trademark printing is adopted The imitation technology such as "scanning photography" has serious distortion of overprinting and hot stamping Newport 100S, and the effect of the trademark pattern is obviously different from that of the genuine trademark pattern. Comparison of the glue application process on the top seal of the small box: The seals of the authentic small boxes are glued by machine, and the glue marks show two equal flat shapes, and the glue is machineized; the seals of the fake cigarette small boxes are mostly applied by hand Gluing and gluing traces are irregular to follow, and the glue is flaky or lumpy, which is obviously different from the genuine gluing process. Comparison of differences in shredded tobacco structure: The genuine shredded tobacco is hand-selected from the mellowed "" tobacco leaves, and becomes the main raw material. The "" system from the source to the process forms a unique sweet fragrance, cut The width of the silk is uniform and there is no other impurities; from the raw material to the structure of the cut tobacco, the color and blending ratio of the genuine cut tobacco cannot be achieved. The fake tobacco cut tobacco has more impurities, which is obviously different from the real cut tobacco structure.
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Marlboro Hard Cigerate

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