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26.02.2022 07:14
Proper exercise is good for health Antworten

Exercise can enhance cardiopulmonary function, activate the immune system, and improve mental state. It is an activity that has many benefits for the body. Making exercise a habit is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.
Do a good warm-up before each exercise. The purpose of warm-up is to gradually bring the body's nervous system, respiratory system, circulatory system, and motor system into a state of movement. Sports require a high degree of coordination between the nervous system and the motor system to achieve faster speed and greater strength. The maintenance of this exercise state requires the full cooperation of the respiratory system and the circulatory system to ensure the sufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients and the timely discharge of metabolic wastes. The step-by-step process allows the above-mentioned systems of the body to gradually and smoothly achieve the same pace, which can reduce the discomfort or disease caused by the mismatch of functions of various organs during exercise, and finally achieve the best exercise state.

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