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26.02.2022 07:16
Start the exercise properly Antworten

Many sports enthusiasts show great enthusiasm in the early stage of exercise, not only the exercise intensity is high, but also the exercise time is long. As everyone knows, a sudden large amount of exercise will make the originally calm body face a huge test. Locally, the glycogen reserve of muscles cannot adapt to the sudden increase in exercise load in a short period of time, and the accumulation of lactic acid produced by a large amount of anaerobic glycolysis affects the performance of exercise. Existing muscle fiber number and length, tendon toughness, and bone structure also make it difficult to quickly respond to sudden increases in force or speed. Exercise exceeds the tolerance threshold of muscles, tendons and bones, which can cause muscle and tendon strains or stress fractures, especially if there is no adequate warm-up before exercise. damage.
Many people have experienced muscle soreness that begins the day after exercising. This is a common phenomenon known as delayed onset muscle soreness, often some time after starting a new sport or a sudden increase in exercise intensity appear. Delayed onset muscle soreness results in decreased range of motion in the joints, reduced muscle contraction force, and tenderness. Delayed onset muscle soreness generally appears 12 to 24 hours after exercise, peaks at 24 to 48 hours, and resolves and disappears on its own within 3 to 7 days.
At present, there is no effective way to treat delayed onset muscle soreness, and the methods to avoid its negative effects include: adequate warm-up before exercise, reasonable assessment of one's own acceptable exercise intensity, relaxation after exercise, and development of a step-by-step exercise plan. In a word, action is beneficial, and persistence is more important, more action is better, and moderation is appropriate.

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