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26.02.2022 08:41
IoT Smart Agriculture Control System Antworten

In the agricultural production process, the IoT smart agriculture control system has a great influence on the growth quality and yield of vegetables and other crops. The air temperature and humidity, soil temperature and humidity, and water and fertilizer conditions should be the most important factors. If environmental factors are accurately controlled, the quality and yield of vegetables will definitely be greatly improved, thereby obtaining better economic benefits. With the development of science and technology and the rise of the Internet of Things in recent years, the birth of the intelligent greenhouse control system has made the dream a reality. households generate considerable income. The intelligent greenhouse control system is proposed for the intelligent planting management of greenhouses. The system is based on the Internet of Things and uses the agricultural Internet of Things sensors as the support. In the process of agricultural production management, the intelligent greenhouse control system can be real-time. Environmental parameter collection, collect light, air temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, soil temperature and humidity, etc. into the database, and transmit them to the control platform through the network. The system can make intelligent judgments based on data, remotely control greenhouse equipment, and then carry out environmental regulation to meet the growth requirements of greenhouse crops in a "prescribed medicine" method. The application of intelligent greenhouse control systems in agricultural production and planting is truly realized. Planting automation, intelligent management, and simple operation not only improve the technical level of greenhouse planting, but also reduce the cost of agricultural production.

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