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DOHC dual-cam is the meaning of the name suggests, why do use the two camshafts, which can be learned from the engine works, to complete a work cycle, including the suction, pressure, explosion, row, alternator and starter manufacturers respectively the suction, compression, explosion, exhaust. The cylinder would need to be aspirated into the exhaust valve and exhaust valves, camshaft's function is to tie into the exhaust valve mechanical switching operation is completed, SOHC refers to the valves have a cam action to complete the switch action, and DOHC cam means to correspond with the two intake valve and exhaust valve to complete the switch action. DOHC advantage is that can easily change the intake and exhaust doors so that the engine has plenty cummins diesel injectors of time to achieve low-speed torque and high speed to maximize the power output when the characteristics of large displacement, high-speed engines generally use more DOHC, DOHC is Cummins Thermostat will not increase oil consumption, but can play better engine power.
The first salable auto starter production Cosworth was built on the 27th. Chevrolet's single color ad stated, "Cosworth Twin Cam-one Vega for the price of two." It features an all-aluminum 122n (2,00c) DOHC 16 valve inline-4 with alternator for sale stainless steel headers and Bendix Electronic fuel injection. All 1975 Cosworth Vegas are black with gold accent stripping, gold-colored aluminum wheels and a black custom vinyl, black custom cloth, or white custom vinyl interior with a gold "engine turned" dash bezel and gold-plated plaque with Cosworth ID and build number.

In 1976, eight additional exterior and two additional interior colors were offered. Only 3,508 were built through 1976. The Vega Panel Express was discontinued at the end of the 1975 model year. Never a big seller, Panel Express sales peaked the Vega's first year at 7,800 units. After leveling off to an average of 4,000 units per year, only 1,525 1975 models were sold.1975 was a olling model change at 100 cars per hour with no downtime. 1976 Vegas were refined with extensive engine, chassis, and body integrity improvements. Chevrolet advertised the 1976 Vega as "Built to take it." A facelift included a revised header panel, wider grill, revised headlamp bezels-all made of corrosion resistant material-and tri-color taillights for Notchback and Hatchback. The 2.3L engine, named Dura-built 140, received improved cooling and electric starter motor durability refinements.

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