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re.If he beats Rusev, its possible well see Reigns battle it out with the likes of Wyatt,?Sami Zayn,?Kevin Owens,?Cesaro,?Darren Antworten

The NRLs complex investigation into Kieran Foran could continue into next year, with the games governing body a long way from clearing a path for the superstar playmakers return to rugby league.CEO Todd Greenberg said the NRL integrity units investigation into Foran is likely to be a protracted one similar to that which looked into Parramattas salary cap woes.Fairfax Media is reporting Forans contract has a clause in it which requires Foran to be cleared by the integrity unit by December.Greenberg said he would like to see Foran return to the NRL, but didnt know when or if that might happen.I am like most fans - I want to see him back playing footy in the NRL. But it is only a few months ago he walked out of the game for personal reasons, Greenberg told AAP on Monday.So we need to be very careful in assessing how we get him back in into the game and our integrity unit will go through that processI dont put a time frame on it and I wont put a time frame on it.But they will deal with him and they will deal with the Warriors and then we will make some decisions on when he comes back.Forans relationship with controversial gambling figure Eddie Hayson is of major concern to the NRL.That is something else for the integrity unit, Greenberg said.We have been very constant with this throughout the last few years.The integrity unit will deal with things in the fullness of time.They will do it without a running commentary and they will do it without a time frame. When they have finished that we will make a decision.We showed that with Parramatta. People wanted us to speed it up and make some decisions.At the end of the day we did a lot of work and we landed on outcomes when we had all the information in front of us.Dealing with Kieran Foran will be exactly the same.Greg Bird was due to meet with the integrity unit on Monday in regard to his latest alleged off field incident at a northern NSW pub.I have no update on that, Greenberg said. Authentic Ken Griffey Jersey . Aaron Harrison scored a 22 points for Kentucky (6-1), which has won four in a row following a Nov. 12 loss to current No. 1 Michigan State. Julius Randle overcame a scoreless first half and added his sixth double-double in as many games with 14 points and 10 rebounds. Authentic Felix Hernandez Jersey . Its an influence in football and a big part of the game. . -- If Henry Burris has his way, he will be the starting quarterback to lead the Hamilton Tiger-Cats back to the Grey Cup next year. Authentic Ichiro Suzuki Jersey . LOUIS -- Theres no telling how these wacky World Series games will end. Cheap Mariners Jerseys Free Shipping . It was hard for Luck to pull off another comeback, or even get into the end zone, while standing on the sideline. Rivers threw a 22-yard touchdown pass to rookie Keenan Allen and Nick Novak kicked four field goals to give the Chargers a 19-9 victory against the Colts on Monday night. Since the destruction of one of WWEs most beloved tag team trios, The Shield, in 2014, each of its members --?Seth Rollins,?Dean Ambrose, and?Roman Reigns?-- has gone on?to?be?successful as singles wrestlers. While Rollins has risen as one of the New Eras greatest heels over the course of the past two years, and Ambrose has ascended to become a true top babyface (if an unlikely one) as WWE world champion, Reigns character and his portrayal of it have struggled to find footing.The WWE has attempted to make Reigns the most clear-cut good guy imaginable, with his various fights against The Authority -- primarily composed of Rollins,?Triple H?and?Stephanie McMahon?--?standing as his primary storyline over the past two years. The key problem lies in Reigns fan reception when battling at the main card: Hes written to be the kind of face that?John Cena?has represented for the company over the past 11 years.While Reigns faces a similar level of disdain to Cenas from most older fans, he also gets at least a little bit less support from the younger fans that are typically able to balance the Cena sucks chants with Lets go, Cena to articulate just how much support Cena retains to this day.?There have been some signs of a change in Reigns current feud with United States champion?Rusev, as this move feels like a demotion; Reigns has been in the WWE world?championship picture for the past two years, winning the top title three times.Before he can get back to fighting for the top title on his brand, the Universal championship, Reigns still needs a character makeover.These are the hurdles he faces going forward.Problem 1: His opponentsRomans problems as a character begin with his opponents.In the majority of his feuds and premier matches, Reigns has faced off against some of the top headliners the business has to offer -- many of whom hold a significantly higher amount of respect from the WWE Universe. Right from the start, his earliest singles feuds included Rollins,?Randy Orton,?Big Show,?Triple H,?Bray Wyatt?and?Brock Lesnar.The feuds with those aforementioned names have had Reigns, as a character, with his back against the wall. Even against the likes of Rollins and Triple H -- two classic heels in their feuds with Reigns -- the crowd embraced the bad guys, for one reason or another. Reigns failed to garner the intrigue of the fan base, and part of it stems from who he has faced.Problem 2: The writersWWEs writers have given Reigns one of the heaviest uphill battles to becoming a main event contender in recent memory. Rollins hit the right notes early and quickly received a ringing endorsement from live crowds and fans in his new role as the guy you love to hate. Ambrose went through the classic buildup of being a mid-card attraction as United States champion and later Intercontinental champion, before lifting himself up into the main event by winning the WWE world championship.Reigns fight against authority is familiar to WWE fans, and it has worked before. In the Attitude Era, this strategy worked extremely well for Stone Cold Steve Austin, who often feuded with Mr. McMahon, and it was similarly effective for D-Generation X (Triple H and Shawn Michaels), who did the same. The storyline isnt broken, but the way the writers have approached it with Reigns is.Even in Reigns greatest moments -- his 2015 Royal Rumble win; his Wrestlemania 31 fight with Lesnar; and his big win at Wrestlemania 32 over Triple H -- the reaction from the crowd was tepid; fans either rooted for his well-respected opponents or didnt react at all. Thats not good.Problem 3: The mic workReigns biggest flaw is on the mic, where he lacks the one key component that can get a wrestler to win over fans, no matter how good they are technically in the ring. Being able to talk is what makes some of the best talent in the WWE as good as tthey are.ddddddddddddGetting back to Problem 2, wrestlers who are bad at this have historically had managers for them. For example, Brock Lesnar has struggled at times on the microphone during his current tenure in the WWE, but his manager Paul Heyman more than covers up for his faults -- and makes Lesnar look menacing as the silent and dangerous brawler. Greats like The Undertaker and Kane had Paul Bearer, solving the potential issues their silent demeanor might cause -- and making people excited for their characters. This could work for Reigns, who out of the ex-Shield trio certainly has had the most trouble on the mic.Problem 4: The suspensionOn June 21, Reigns was suspended from the WWE for violating the companys wellness policy. While specifics of the violation are not known, if Reigns and the WWE want him to be the face of the company, representing them poorly does each party no favors.Even though he returned for Battleground and performed well with Ambrose and Rollins for the title, Reigns suspension puts a blemish on his career that he truly couldnt afford at that particular moment, given his current standing with fans.WWE could have rolled with the punches and given in to popular demand, using the incident to push Reigns towards being a heel. It would be a more natural fit, given crowd reactions and the bad guy stigma of a suspension, and the silent persona mixed with certain heel-like elements of his look -- his unkempt beard and all-black gear thats an artifact from when The Shield broke into the WWE the most prevalent among them -- but WWE simply didnt pull the trigger.The solution?For the time being, it appears to be Rusev.Despite the predicament they were in, it looks as if the WWE writers have found a solution for Reigns in the perfect stereotypical heel that Rusev is. Not only does it give Reigns the chance to remain in the spotlight with a title shot (and a potential win) going into one of the biggest pay-per-views of the year, but it also gives him a chance to build from the ground up, similar to Ambroses journey.His problems, in the end, arent about his wrestling ability, which has gradually improved over the past year and was fully on display in his feuds with?A.J. Styles?and his Shield brethren. He has shown his prowess as a strong competitor in the ring. His signature moves -- the Superman punch and the spear -- certainly come with charisma and history of their own, although hell inevitably be compared to previous stars, such as Edge, Goldberg and others, who made the move so popular.By fighting someone like Rusev, who is as universally hated by the fan base as any character in the company at this moment, Reigns has the chance to truly rise to the occasion as the kind of good guy that the WWE has wanted him to be since the dissolution of The Shield. The only difference is a big one: Hell get the chance to emerge into that spotlight naturally, rather than being forced there.If he beats Rusev, its possible well see Reigns battle it out with the likes of Wyatt,?Sami Zayn,?Kevin Owens,?Cesaro,?Darren Young?and?Titus ONeil?-- providing ample?opportunity?for?Reigns?to?climb the proverbial ladder and garner some respect from the fans. There are pitfalls to be wary of there too, though: Most of those opponents already have tremendous support from the crowd, and the wrong move could undo the positive steps Reigns has taken of late.A win for Reigns at SummerSlam and a chance to run with the United States championship could be the beginning of the proper reformation of his character.But no matter what, its abundantly clear that Reigns has a long way to go before he reaches the level that the WWE has tried to push him toward as a main event player. Camo China NFL Jerseys Disocunt Football Jerseys Cheap NFL Gear Wholesale Jerseys 2020 Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap Authentic Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys ' ' '

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