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ve staff really serving as co-authors. That staff describes a scenario straight out of the film A Beautiful Mind, where the head Antworten

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman called it pretty cool that the club has a large mural of quarterback Tom Brady on the lighthouse at Gillette Stadium, in addition to his No. 12, before speaking emotionally about Bradys absence during a four-game NFL suspension.Im not going to lie, its like one of your buddies going to jail, Edelman said Sunday. Its one of those type of things, and the whole situation is unfortunate, but its happened and we have to move on. Love him to death -- on the field, off the field, hes been a great help in my life. But we have to deal with the situation, and right now the situation is thinking about the Arizona Cardinals and whos going to be out there to play against these guys.The Patriots hold their first practice Sunday since Brady began serving the suspension. Bradys chair was folded at his locker Sunday, as he is not allowed to be at the facility or have any contact with the club.The Patriots visit the Cardinals on Sept. 11 and players were told they will be departing for the game on Friday.Edelman and Brady have become close friends as they are two of the teams longest-tenured players, going back to when Edelman joined the club as a seventh-round draft choice in 2009. Authentic Duke Ejiofor Jersey . -- Linebacker Myles Jack ran for four touchdowns, defensive end Cassius Marsh caught a scoring pass, and No. Authentic Jordan Akins Jersey . The third-ranked Ivanovic, who won the event in 2008 and 10, served five aces and broke Wickmayer, also a former winner in 2009, five times. "The result looked easier than it really was," Ivanovic said. . - The Washington Redskins have cut defensive lineman Adam Carriker and punter Sav Rocca. Authentic Martinas Rankin Jersey . Most important, perhaps, it went off without a hitch. Organizers poked a little fun at the now-infamous opening ceremony gaffe that saw only four out of five snowflakes open up into rings, leaving the Olympics logo one ring short. Texans Jerseys China .ca look back at each of the Top 10 stories of 2013. Today, we look back at Boston Strong - a citys recovery from tragedy. The story goes that in the fall of 1991, Iowa Wesleyan was putting a hurting on Concordia University in an NAIA contest.Iowa Wesleyan coach Hal Mumme was in the process of birthing his Air Raid offense, co-conceived with his offensive coordinator and fellow Texas expatriate, Mike Leach. The coaches decided the next play would be a quick screen pass and thus did what they always did when that was the call.They removed their fire plug of a possession receiver from the field. His name was Dana Holgorsen, and he totally flipped out. He begged to be back on the field. Hed seen the tape on these guys. He was always watching tape and he knew he could score on this play against this team. To him it made no sense to keep him out.So Mumme relented, sent the kid back out and called his number for the catch. Holgorsen snagged the ball from the air in the open field with a freeway to the end zone. But instead of chugging toward the goal line he started zigzagging, allowing the woefully slow defenders to catch up, only to weave his way through them repeatedly before finally breaking free for the score.It was like something out of a cartoon or some old black-and-white football movie where everything looks sped up, Leach remembers now. When he got to the sideline he immediately went to Hal and said, I told you I could do it! Dana had to make his point and he had to make it his way.It is 11 a.m. Tuesday in Morgantown, West Virginia, and the pace is quickening inside WVUs football offices. Mountaineers players are wrapping up their morning classes and beginning to file into the building adjacent to Puskar Stadium. The training room is filling up with Eers seeking treatment for any dings suffered three days earlier during a 34-10 romping of TCU that moved the team to 6-0 and into a 10th-place ranking in the AP Top 25 poll.In July, West Virginia was picked by the Big 12 media to finish seventh in the 10-team conference, and why not? They finished 2015 with an 8-5 record, crushed by a brutal 0-4 October against four ranked conference rivals. This year they are 6-0 for the first time since 2006. The man leading that team has just blown into the room.OK, OK, here we go, how you doing? Holgorsen says as he walks briskly, legs shuffling and arms bowed out. The stride has Flair ... as in Ric Flair. The expression on his face is that of a man who is in a hurry and would probably rather be doing something -- anything -- else than making small talk. Those who work with him every day say this is the way he always looks, unless hes in a meeting room breaking down film.You could let this job run you over with all of the other stuff that comes with it, the 45-year-old says, settling into his nice but modest (by Power 5 head coach standards) office. The coachs fingers come to rest on the pages of an open three-ring binder. Im doing this because I love to coach football. If I couldnt get in there and really coach football, then I wouldnt be doing what I love anymore.The story goes that the calls started coming in from other schools around the South Atlantic Conference, one of the Southeasts oldest and proudest NCAA Division II leagues. Its member schools are all small and cozy liberal arts colleges and play their football in small and cozy football stadiums. Stadiums where the press boxes are open air and sit only a few feet above the grandstand.So in 1999, when this one particular quarterbacks and wide receivers coach from Wingate University would commence screaming and cursing, F-bombingly frustrated that his players werent running his plays as crisply as they should, the fans sitting below could hear every R-rated word. They would complain to the stadium staff, who would complain to the athletic director, who would make the calls to Wingate asking for the coach -- um, what was his name, yeah, Holgorsen -- to tone it down.Holgorsen knows that nearly every Saturday hes an internet sensation. He is fully aware that his disheveled hair is a thing. (So much so that when typing his name into the Google search bar, it autofills Dana Holgorsen hair.) He knows that college football Twitter timelines nearly vibrated apart during Week 6, when TV cameras caught him chugging one of his beloved sugar-free Red Bulls on the Puskar Stadium sidelines while his team was up by 24 over Texas Tech ... from his custom Red Bull mini-fridge that WVU keeps by the bench.Usually, its one of his three children who will inform him of his social media prowess each Saturday. After the Tech win, the info was delivered internally.When my marketing guy calls and rips my ass, I know it, he says, laughing, when asked about his infamy. I dont do that on purpose. I can assure you that. I dont follow it. What you see is what you get with me. Thats the way its always been. Thats the way itll always stay.Anyone who believes it all might be an eccentric act needs only to take the matter to the coaches and players who are with him each day.Oh no, thats Coach Holgo for real, says safety Jarrod Harper, one of 20 seniors (and 16 fifth-year seniors) on the roster. People will ask me all the time, the Red Bulls and the hair sticking up, hes not really like that all the time, is he? And Im like, thats Coach, man. Hes the real deal.Yeah, hes still plenty wide open, explains wide receivers coach Tyron Carrier, whos in his first year on the West Virginia staff. But you know I played for him back in the day [in 2008 and 09 when Holgorsen was offensive coordinator at Houston]. If you saw him then and then saw him now ... I tell him all the time that now hes more Coach Diet Coke than Coach Red Bull.The story goes that the young offensive coordinator at Houston was sneaky. The same offensive coordinator who would turn Case Keenum into a record-breaking quarterback and who would mentor future Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury and who would boost his boss, Kevin Sumlin, to the head job at Texas A&M.Sumlin worried about Holgorsen because there was no evidence that he slept. Ever. The coach would meet with his coordinator, and the kid would start throwing papers around with plays on them -- crazy plays.He was taking the Air Raid thing to a whole different level, Sumlin recalls. What Hal Mumme and Mike Leach did, running the ball was optional. Dana added a whole other layer to it with the running game. You still see that today. But some of this stuff he was trying to get me to sign off on in 2008 and 2009, not a chance. Routes crossed up and backs and receivers and tight ends all over the place, it looked like spaghetti. No way, sorry man, we arent doing this.Then the game would start. At a crucial point Sumlin might look out on the field, not recognize an offensive alignment and ... wait ... was this that spaghetti play?!Sometimes it would be a total mess, Sumlin said. But sometimes it would be brilliant. Wed bust off a 60-something-yard touchdown and at halftime he wouldnt even make eye contact. Id call him out and Dana would just shrug, like, I told you it would workk.ddddddddddddWhat do I think about the hair and the Red Bulls and all of that? assistant coach Joe Wickline pauses to gather his words. I think Dana Holgorsen makes this a fun place to work. This job can be so grueling if you let it be. But there isnt a day that goes by that he doesnt remind you of how fun this is. And I can tell you this. Ive been at this for 35 years. Ive never sat in a room with a coaching staff and seen it work like this one does.Wicklines official title is listed as offensive coordinator/tight ends-fullbacks. But its Holgorsen who calls the plays, with Wickline and everyone else on the offensive staff really serving as co-authors. That staff describes a scenario straight out of the film A Beautiful Mind, where the head coach walks in, takes a play theyve drawn up, and adds an entirely new layer to it, be it a tweak to a receivers route or one change in one position in a pre-snap formation that might mind-twist a defense.We all go and do our thing with our units and then we come back into the coaches rooms and bring all of our ideas to the table, Wickline continues. Thats how it works everywhere else, too. But how it doesnt work everywhere else is here were allowed to take those ideas, everyones idea, and weave them together. There are ideas we dont use, but there are no bad ideas.Whenever Holgorsen interviews a potential coach or a potential player, he leads with the same warning: You either have to work together with everyone else in the room or we can stop wasting my time right now and both move on to someone else.Thats why, around the halfway point of his six-year tenure in Morgantown, he scrambled the coaches offices, putting defensive coaches next door to offensive coaches. He did the same with the locker room and road roommate assignments. As hes overseen the overhauling of the facilities, hes gone total football feng shui, creating a one-stop world for his players, flowing from tutoring rooms and meeting rooms to locker room and weight room, all with a panoramic view of Mountaineer Field, access to which is denied them until game day.As long as the goal is the same, he will listen to anything you think of, says running backs coach JaJuan Seider, who was a WVU grad assistant under Rich Rodriguez. That goal is winning games. Not moving up the coaching ranks or becoming a superstar or any of that. He says if you win games, that other stuff will take care of itself. So win first.The story goes that he was only going to live in hotel rooms. Thats how he often did it as he moved up the ladder as a young coach. Thats how he did it in 2010 during his one year as offensive coordinator at Oklahoma State under Mike Gundy. And thats how he did it during his first three years at West Virginia, the first as OC, the next two as head coach.His room sat right on the Monongahela River, cold as hell. He told friends that he didnt like to haul a bunch of s--- all over the place anyway because the less s--- you carry with you, the easier it is to move forward. Plus, housekeeping came and cleaned his room every day. That was nice. And there was a bar nearby. That was nicer.In June 2011, four days after taking over as West Virginia head coach, Holgorsen celebrated by going skydiving with the U.S. Armys Golden Knights and crash landing into the New River Gorge. When he returned home that night a hotel employee congratulated him on landing the job.Thats not the only thing Ive landed this week, the new head coach replied. I just landed my ass in the river from 10,000 feet.Those stories -- skydiving, showing up to practice in a helicopter, shooting muskets with the Mountaineers mascot -- it only plays as long as the coach is calling winning plays. In that first season of 2011, Holgorsens team went 10-3 with a now-famous 70-33 throttling of Clemson.As a result, the tales of Holgs going off the rails came off as sort of cool mountain man tales, a Red Bull-chugging Paul Bunyan. One of the original head coach in waiting experiments, he was swept into the job controversially, replacing folksy Bill Stewart after it was reported that Stewart was running a smear campaign to keep the heir forced upon him at arms length. But the same stories initially used against him -- being escorted from a West Virginia casino in the middle of the night, supposedly just one of multiple such inebriated incidents -- became part of his legend.Then the winning stopped. A move to the Big 12 in 2012 created a climb too steep for even a Mountaineer. A 5-0 start boosted an AP poll climb that peaked at No. 8, but ended with six losses over the final eight weeks. Suddenly, those whod once praised Holgorsen were turning on him. Now stories of Holgorsen sightings in random bars around the nation, from Charlotte to Houston, were presented as signs of a man barely hanging on. He moved to the top of the Coaches Hot Seat lists, especially when the man who hired him, former West Virginia QB and AD Oliver Luck, left to work for the NCAA.The head coaching deal is so much harder than you think its going to be, he admits now. Theres so much else that comes with it that it can eat you up. The spotlight never goes away. And then you throw in a move to a Power 5 conference. Its a lot, man. You have to reinvent a lot of what you do.Like a new attention to defense, an overhaul headed up by longtime West Virginia coach Tony Gibson, who took over defensive coordinator duties in 2013. Like maintaining what has become a pleasant but largely unrevealing relationship with the media.But most importantly, like keeping the tales of Crazy Holgs confined to nothing more than those internet screengrabs of visor-bending on the sideline. He still goes out, but not where people are looking for him. Back in the day he could be found throwing back drinks at The Varsity across the street from the stadium. He still does, but in a room where only friends and family are allowed.When he goes to see his middle child, Logan, play quarterback for Morgantown High School, he keeps a low profile, sitting with his parents, who have moved to West Virginia from Iowa. They all hang out at his place, and that place isnt a hotel room. Its an 8,000-square-foot home in Cheat Lake where he holds summertime parties for several hundred people, a cross-laminated-timber home nationally recognized for its energy efficiency.Wait ... groundbreaking energy efficiency? Thats a long ways from the guy in those wacko stories. An 8,000-square-foot house in Cheat Lake? That doesnt feel like the kind of home a man builds when he is worried about the hot seat, or a man looking to jump at the next job down the line, even as he put contract talks on hold last winter. Thats the kind of place that would seem to run counter to the dont haul a bunch of s--- all over the place philosophy.But yes, it does have plenty of sugar-free Red Bull in the fridge. Camo China NFL Jerseys Disocunt Football Jerseys Cheap NFL Gear Wholesale Jerseys 2020 Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap Authentic Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys ' ' '

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