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Diego Simeone has known tough times in management, but success with Atletico Madrid has made him one of the most respected coaches in the world. After seeing him steer his club past Barcelona and into the Champions League semi-finals, Adam Bate and Terry Gibson look at what the future might hold... November 2008. Guadalajara, Mexico. Radamel Falcaos goal had put River Plate two up on the night and ahead on aggregate. But there followed an all too familiar second-half collapse and by full time River were out of the Copa Sudamericana. A season in tatters. Simeone in River Plates Estadio Monumental during his time in charge of the club For coach Diego Simeone, it was the last hope gone. Hed already been left beleaguered by the teams domestic form but this ended any thoughts of salvation. He has told us that, as of Sunday, he will no longer be coach, River director Rodolfo Cuina confirmed afterwards. The club had won the Clausura in June but the autumn had been miserable. An 11-game winless streak that included a home defeat to great rivals Boca Juniors left River bottom and would eventually - given the complex nature of the leagues format - see them relegated.None of which, more than seven years on, should detract too much from Simeones capabilities as a coach. After all, hed already established his credentials in winning an historic title with Estudiantes let alone the achievements in his early days at River. Simeone: We never give up Diego Simeone hailed Atletico Madrids battling spirit after they reached the Champions League semis But it is a reminder that Simeone is not immune to failure. For all our obsession with the cult of the manager, these figures are dependent on the vagaries of form, fitness and fortune. Its only Atletico Madrid, his home away from home, thats brought Simeone sustained success.There was Europa League glory and an improbable La Liga title; a Champions League final that took Atletico within moments of the impossible. For Sky Sports La Liga expert Terry Gibson, a long-time admirer of Simeone, its at the Calderon that the stars have aligned. How Spain reacted to Barca loss We round up the reaction of the Spanish press to Atleticos Champions League victory It was his seventh job in seven years, Gibson tells Sky Sports. But what hes done at Atletico, hes learnt from the other jobs hes had and now hes the finished article. If he wanted to leave Atletico, Im sure every club would be keen on getting him.And yet, it is Antonio Conte, the manager of the Italy national team, who has been appointed as the next Chelsea boss, while Manchester United appear content to contemplate the relative merits of Jose Mourinho and Ryan Giggs, should Louis van Gaal fail to deliver a top-four finish.Meanwhile, Simeone can look forward to a Champions League semi-final after seeing off defending champions Barcelona and his Atletico are arguably the best organised team in world football. Europes toughest team? Atletico Madrid showed the power of their team spirit v Barcelona Hes taken on two giants of European football and hes often won, adds Gibson. Hes taken Atletico from a team that was drifting along and a side which had ideas above their station to one which is going toe to toe with Barcelona and Real Madrid.His reputation has been questionable at times but its done him a favour up against Real Madrid and Barcelona, with his siege mentality and win-at-all-costs thinking. Atletico werent one of the strongest teams when he took over and he had to do it his own way. Simeone has fashioned Atletico Madrid into one of the toughest teams around But what is the Simeone way? The man himself has suggested in the past that any ideas must be fluid. You cant have a favourite formation for the simple fact that, as managers, we have to adapt not to what we would like, but to what we have to work with, he explained.In the world of holistic approaches and philosophies delivered to order, this all sounds more Jose Mourinho than Pep Guardiola and thats reflected in his style. Perhaps its not in fashion elsewhere, but importantly for Atletico, it works for them. His teams will always be hard to break down and organised from the back, says Gibson. I know his style of football isnt always attractive on the eye but hes intelligent enough to adapt to whatevers needed at another club and still retain the essence of a Simeone team.One way hes able to achieve that is by retaining full control. Hes not just the manager of the team, he manages everything at Atletico Madrid, adds Gibson. He has power over the signings, over the supporters who adore him, and hes absolutely in charge of the club.Its not been like that for 20 years at Atletico, the presidents always had the power. They made a big decision bringing him in and theyve given him, over the last three or four years, the power to run the football club. He wont get that anywhere else. Simeone has a strong relationship with his players at Atletico Madrid There are the suggestions hes learning English and the reports of a release clause in the four-year contract that runs until the summer of 2020. Whats clear is that his exit would be mourned at Atleti, where hes a hero as a player and coach.Walking away will not be easy. If he was to decide to leave Atletico, it would only be his decision, says Gibson. Atletico would keep him forever. Its a situation he must enjoy.He gets paid well and theyre competing against the best in La Liga and the Champions League. The new stadium isnt too far away, as well. That may convince him to stay a little longer. As long as the club match his ambition, I think hell stay. As long as the club match his ambition, I think hell stay. Terry Gibson on Diego Simeone That wont be a straightforward decision once the suitors do come calling. But having seen the Manchester United job threaten to chew up Louis van Gaal, it wouldnt be illogical either.Maybe thats something to remember as his Atletico Madrid team dream of Champions League glory. And maybe those memories of Guadalajara - of how hard this job can be and how hard hes worked to get it right in the Spanish capital - will inform his next move too. Also See: How Spain reacted to Barca loss Europes toughest team? China Jerseys 2018 . Paul Pierce couldnt believe he missed at the end. Young scored a season-high 26 points to spark a huge effort from the leagues most productive bench, and Los Angeles beat the Brooklyn Nets 99-94 on Wednesday night after blowing a 27-point lead. Wholesale Jerseys 2018 . The Clippers were angry about blowing a big lead; the Kings didnt like being in that kind of hole and nearly digging themselves out only to lose. . Arsenal failed to take full advantage of its main rivals stumbles on Saturday as substitute Gerard Deulofeu levelled with a hard shot from a tight angle in the 84th minute to give Everton a deserved point. Ahead of a crucial fortnight that will see them play against Napoli in the Champions League, Manchester City and Chelsea, Arsenal leads by five points ahead of Liverpool and Chelsea. Sale NFL Jerseys . -- Ryan Getzlaf grabbed the three pucks wrapped in tape and held them up to his chest in the Anaheim Ducks dressing room for a celebration nine seasons in the making. Cheap NFL Jerseys 2018 . Numbers Game looks into the Canadiens securing the services of Thomas Vanek in a trade with the New York Islanders. The Canadiens Get: LW Thomas Vanek and a conditional fifth-round pick. This story appears in ESPN The Magazines Oct. 17 Great Debates Issue. Subscribe today!THERE IS MORE than just a debate point here for female athletes; there is a double standard.When Ronda Rousey wouldnt touch gloves with Holly Holm before their fight last November, people absolutely crushed her for it, even though male UFC fighters -- Dominick Cruz, Anderson Silva, Nate Diaz, Conor McGregor (to name just a few) -- dont always touch gloves. In Rio, Gabby Douglas appeared disappointed (gasp!) that she narrowly missed the chance to defend her gymnastics all-around title. Social media critics came down on her hard for showing her desire to compete, an athletic virtue thats as revered as the Games themselves.With this as a baseline, when someone is as outspoken as Hope Solo -- who was taken to task for her blunt criticisms well before her recent legal trouble -- it stands out.The dilemma female athletes face is that those who stay in the safe, wholesome lane are labeled boring and cited as a reason womens sports arent as popular as mens. So how can a female athlete be compelling without also being viewed as controversial?I emailed a group of phenomenal female athletes -- and one legendary womens coach -- to pose those questions. Here is an edited version of our reply-all thread.ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTSRamona Shelburne ESPN senior writer and former Stanford softball playerGeno Auriemma UConn womens basketball coachLashinda Demus 2012 Olympic silver medalist in the 400-meter hurdlesStacey Nuveman Deniz Olympic softball playerJulie Foudy U.S. soccer legend and ESPN commentatorNatasha Watley Olympic softball playerCat Zingano UFC bantamweight fighterRAMONA SHELBURNE: Why cant women just own their feelings and be competitive? Why cant we be pissed off or visibly disappointed when we lose or dont see our name in the lineup?JULIE FOUDY: Some of it is the expectation -- That is what a nice girl does -- but I also think we women are still hesitant to own our awesome. It isnt literally wearing an I Am Awesome T-shirt or walking around saying how awesome you are. There is hubris and there is confidence. No one likes, in any gender, overconfident a--holes. We women, present company included, are terrible at owning our awesomeness. I feel like into my 40s I am finally just getting there.STACEY NUVEMAN DENIZ: Im not sure the concept or expectation of successful females -- athletes, politicians or any woman in a public space -- is to be nice. I think the expectation is to be humble. Humility might be the most revered quality of any female with any amount of accomplishment. I think back to the times I was complimented for being humble and the pride I felt for being characterized that way. I was an accomplished athlete, and downplaying my success -- the polar opposite of owning my awesome -- was my greatest attribute.NATASHA WATLEY: I can remember losing in the gold medal game [to Japan] at the 2008 Olympics, returning home and having everyone say, You should be proud of your silver medal, not many people get to compete in the Olympics. I get it. What else could they say? But I really wanted to say, F you! We didnt prepare for endless months to win a silver medal. Its like as a female athlete its not supposed to be in our nature to be pissed at losing.LaSHINDA DEMUS: Im extremely competitive but never show it. Ive been constantly told that I need to try to focus on hitting a certain demographic of women, not men. But most of these women I was told to try to reach actually cared nothing about my athletic capabilities because they cant connect with that, according to both male and female public relations specialists that I spoke with.SHELBURNE: Is it even possible for a female athlete to be real, bold and interesting without being cast in a negative light? Or is going negative still the only way to get attention?FOUDY: Ive heard people say womens sports needs more antiheroes. I couldnt disagree more. We dont need more anti-heroes; we need more women to be the big personalities that live inside them. We need more people promoting those personalities. We dont need more domestic violence incidents, more drunken driving incidents, more negativity. We need women who are willing to be big and bold and show us how being a great teammate/player is indeed newsworthy.GENO AURIEMMA: Why should female athletes be held to the standard that male athletes have set? In order to be compelling, you have to throw a tantrum, commit assault, carry a weapon or get suspended for drug use? Is Tom Brady not compelling? Tim Duncan? Mike Trout? Why do you think the NFL is cracking down on idiotic behavior? Its because it doesnt sell anymore. Why cant women just be great athletes? Leave it at that.CAT ZINGANO: I am constantly being told about the lack of hype I create, although I am one of the most entertaining female fighters to date. There are educated and die-hard fans who love and support the evolution of the sport for women. But it seems that you must also have a story, sex appeal and the ability to stir up drama to retain fans and be paid [well].I was recently told to use my strong points: that I am a single mom, that I have a story, that I can clean up and have sex appeal. I would rather wear sweatpants and throw my hair in a knot! But in order to further my career, I need to work harder, not at my craft but at promoting myself outside of the Octagon. I just want to work hard at my sport. I want my personal achievement and work ethic to speak for me.DEMUS: Competing professionally, especially in a sport that gets glamorized every four yeaars, is difficult.dddddddddddd You have a few angles to take as a female track athlete to actually make a living from it. You can be the prettiest little thing out there with not so much talent as the next athlete in hopes of getting the attention of sponsorships, or you can be the Mother Teresa athlete who is politically correct along with a nearly perfect career. Ever since I was a little girl, my goal was to be the best. Thats it. It was not until I became professional that I was told I should focus on my branding and how I appeal to the public.SHELBURNE: Nuvey, you are so funny; people told me they peed their pants during your banquet speech at a Womens College World Series. Do you ever let that humor rip publicly? Did you have the right forum to do so, before social media was so pervasive? I think if you asked most people who they remember from those U.S. Olympic softball teams, it would be Jennie Finch, who was a great pitcher but also indisputably got attention for her beauty. Do you think that would be the same today?NUVEMAN DENIZ: Womens team sports, softball in particular, have a pretty clearly defined audience: families. Softball goes after the daddy-daughter market, and as such, the more wholesome and family-friendly the personality, the better. Jennie shined in the spotlight, with style and grace, and Im proud of how she handled it. Soccer has been the same, historically. The women who were front and center for USA softball and USA soccer during my tenure were phenomenal athletes but also safe personalities who embraced being a role model and did little to tarnish that responsibility.For me personally, I was a Row 2 athlete from a marketing and publicity standpoint: I wasnt front and center, but I wasnt back row either. I didnt have many opportunities to let my humor rip, but when I did, I held back some. I tried to be charming but safe.WATLEY: Its amazing what people focus on. Although Jennie herself is extremely humble (I adore her!), it was completely out of her control how much attention she got for her beauty when she had so many amazing accolades on the field. Im with Coach Auriemma: When will women be praised for just being phenomenal athletes?AURIEMMA: I still contend that we in the womens game should not aspire to be like the men. We should work really hard to keep pointing out why our behavior is more acceptable and long-term more appealing to the next generation of fans.SHELBURNE: Speaking of the next generation, if we reconvene this panel in five or 10 years, what will be different?DEMUS: At times I think things are going backward. Sponsors are showing that less attention is being put into athletic abilities and more into backstories and drama, so women are continuing to find a happy medium between being their true competitive self and who the public wants them to be.I wrote a blog awhile back about when Drake hosted the ESPYS. It was a bit they did with Skylar Diggins and Drake and his love for her being beautiful. Nothing was mentioned about her abilities.Ive seen a glimmer of hope in boxing and mixed martial arts. It seems to be accepted by the masses better, so theyre doing something right over there. One thing that men love and find appealing is aggression. I believe that if women bring that to sports, with women showing their true competitiveness, it will pull in more male viewers.FOUDY: I can tell you what wont be different in five to 10 years time: how much attention is paid to external beauty rather than talent. As much as we find that annoying, its the reality of society, and sadly its not going away. Sure, it also exists on the mens side with a David Beckham or Tom Brady type, but those men dont need looks to be popular, get sponsors and drive page views. It simply enhances the revenue on the mens side, where most women depend on it.What will be different in five to 10 years is the level of support around womens sports from more women being at all levels of media. We need people, women and men, who wake up every single day and their priority every single day is to help grow the womens game. Yes, every single day.NUVEMAN DENIZ: The prospect of a woman in the White House could go a long way to shifting this paradigm. If cultural norms are to be challenged, men and women need to experience females in positions of power and watch them kick ass.The pressures will be tremendous to do it right and do it well for these women, and they will face obstacles and unfair standards and criticisms and resistance, but thats how it goes. Look at any progressive concept in our countrys history and the road map is there for us to see. But the day-to-day, relentless pursuit is how change will happen.ZINGANO: Ronda Rousey was a huge advocate for women in the UFC, and Im grateful to her for many reasons. She makes very good money, but she sacrificed herself to better our opportunities as female fighters trying to capitalize on the highest platform.She also exudes the f--- it, f--- off, f--- them, f--- you, f--- me mentality we all know we think. Yes, some people hate her for it, but its good for women to gauge themselves on, to say, OK, she took that a little far, but she has a point, this taboo topic does need to ?be addressed.I want the freedom to push the limits of whats been achieved in my sport and raise the bar while doing things differently. If I fail while trying to do things differently, oh well. If I succeed at doing things differently?Hell yes. Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys cheap jerseys Cheap Jersyes Cheap Basketball Jerseys Cheap NHL Jerseys cheap jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys ' ' '

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