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17.08.2018 03:00
Xia��s sister left reluctantly Antworten

Xia��s sister left reluctantly, although she left, but she did not forget to issue a ��raging fire�� when she left, so that every family would miss the summer! Yes, how can summer evoke people's enthusiasm! However, because the summer is hot, the autumn is cooler, and there are many fruits. I think this is why I like autumn! autumn is coming, she comes with people��s laughter and fruit fragrance, ��taking the wind and the waves, overwhelming, the dust and the servant��autumn wind blew a cool, the wind told me: Autumn has come. wind blew the apple's face, and the apple couldn't stand the wind of the autumn sister, and the red face smashed. Her red face told me that autumn is hgrapefruit exudes his faint scent, and her taste tells me that autumn wind gently blew the red and flaming leaves, and the leaves fell with the wind, slowly drifting over my eyes and falling to the ground. Maple Leaf tells me that autumn is here peasants in the rural countryside, with their faces smiling and giggling, giggled, and their happy expression also told me: Autumn, coming! the autumn, the red apples smashed the green leaves and went out; the golden persimmons bent like a lantern on the 15th of the first month; the red-lighted dates flashed on the branches; A bunch of grapes are hanging on the grape rack and swinging! Some of the lychees were too fat, and the clothes were broken, revealing the white belly; the corn was specially changed into a golden new dress, and opened his mouth and smiled, revealing the golden teeth; the soybeans may be too excited, and some I laughed and broke my belly; in order to make myself more beautiful Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, the tomatoes put lipstick on my face Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping... These full fruits made me want to drop, and my little hand couldn��t help but pick a fruit to solve the autumn sunset in the fall. The glare of the light seems to bring the clouds together with him Carton Of Cigarettes, showing the "flame sky"; gradually, the "red sky" becomes the "orange sky" . Then there was a scene on the sparkling stream. what! How spectacular!is also a kind of sunset, which I think is the most unique: from the near to the far side, the dark blue and the deep purple are combined into one, and the mixture is dark blue and purple Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. The orange next to them is the sun in the past. It seems that as soon as I reach out, I will take the sun off. Yo! How beauncle is going to cultivate the land from this time, and then to spread the seed baby. In the next few months, it is necessary to fertilize, weed, water, and so on. When the summer comes, the work is sweating. Some of them are old grandfathers who have been close to the flowering family. In the sun of the hot sun, not only do they sweat dry Cigarettes For Sale, but they also suffer from backache. Hey, who said it would be easier to work. In the fall, although it was a good harvest, some foods could not be eaten for various reasons. Let me put it now, what the society needs now is a red one hundred dollar bill. What are these foods? ! Can only support the family, nothing more. Every day, I have to walk dozens of kilometers every day and pull it to the vegetable market to sell. If you sell it, you can sell it. There are some "careful eyes" and bargaining. They finally earned thirty or forty dollars for earning money, but they only got more than twenty dollars.

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