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17.08.2018 03:00
The dream is flying at the Antworten

The dream is flying at the foot of the Great Wall, hoping to ignite in our minds. A bright light in the darkness guides where we are going Online Cigarettes. Remember that Socrates said: The happiest thing in the world is to fight for the ideal. We never doubt, because dreams can become reality as long as they struggle. Even if we don't succeed, we don't regret it, because we have at least struggled and worked haguely remember the impression that I saw when I started the first lesr the story: there is an uncle, because after two hours of accidental electric shock, both hands are shaken and disabled, but he did not give up, and strive to pursue his dreams (become a pianist) after several years of hard work. He miraculously played the beautiful piano with his own feeis program, I thought to myself: Ah, a person who lost his hands can still play such a beautiful piece with his feet. It��s incredible Cheap Cigarettes. I am a healthy person with a limb, since a person without hands I can also realize my dreams, then I should study harder Marlboro Red, go up every day, and be a useful person in the future. I understand: the door to success is always hidden Carton Of Newports. Only continuous efforts, continuous learning, and strong will can overcome any difficulties and realize the dreams in your heart.times, there were thousands of puzzles to be solved, waiting for thousands of future people to solve them. In the future, I will be an excellent archaeologist. I will discover all kinds of strange phenomena, let the truth be in my hands, let the answers be made public, and let them roam in the y, the weak meat and strong food, is in line with the natural law of big fish eating small fish, small fish eating shrimp skin, people do not hesitate to compete with each other, get noble work and career. Who will I be in the future?ure, I might be a detective, a world-famous detective, like Holmes. I am a potential detective Marlboro Cigarettes Price. I will crack all kinds of difficult cases, find out the results from one detail, and push peace to the world. I may be a powerful scientist who made the moon, Mars... into our home. I will develop a variety of artificial organs. When something goes wrong, I put on a new part just like assembling a bicycle, which makes people live a hundred years old. I may be an astronaut, an outstanding cartoonist... In short, I will use my dreams to light up success and let my success start my wonderful life! My dream is the Chinese dream put forward by President Xi, the dream of the entire Chinese peopyone can have a "Chinese dream", just as everyone can look up at the stars, starlight on everyone's face, illuminate a more abundant life, and illuminate a more splendid China.

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