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20.09.2018 05:21
In the eyes of others, "ferrules" and Antworten

In the eyes of others, "ferrules" and "traps" are two different concepts, but in my eyes, they are inextricably linked.e morning in the fifth grade summer vacation, I took 10 yuan to buy breakfast. Walking, I saw a lot of people in a corner of the market, and from time to time came a burst of cheers Marlboro Red. I curiously scraped together, and at first glance, it turned out that someone was playing a lap game. I rushed in and found that everyone was just watching. The stall owner sipped a few times and saw that no one was on the front ferrule Newport Cigarettes Website. He took five laps first, then pulled out a circle and threw it at the item he wanted, and it was easy to put it in. He continued to throw it, and as long as it was what he wanted, he could easily be covered by him. I was attracted by his wonderful performance, and the little things on the floor, there are cute little bears Cheap Cigarettes, beautiful masks, beautiful bows, and the "tumbler" that my mother didn't buy for me last time... they seem to be against me. Say: "Children, come and try!" I can't help but tickle, eager to try.this time, he turned to enthusiasm and sipped: "Look, it's a good set!" The stall owner's eyes stayed on me. He smiled and said to me: "Children, children, come, give it a try, Seeing that you are the first set, you will be cheaper, 10 yuan for one dollar." I will give him a dollar immediately.started to set it up, took out one of the circles Carton Of Cigarettes, and saw the "tumbler" on the ground. I threw the circle in my hand. However, I did not expect that the circle played a few turns next to the "tumbler" and fell to the ground. I am not willing, so I took out the second circle and continued to attack the "tumbler." However, this circle seems to be laughing at me, as usual, did not cover Marlboro Lights. Then, I threw out the third, fourth, fifth... until the eighth, still not in the set. At this time, I began to regret, what laps, obviously a "trap" to swindle money.e were a few more eager children going up to the ferrule. I whispered to them, "This is all deceptive, you still don't have it!" This sentence was heard by the stall owner. He said with anger: " You crow's mouth! Go and go!" The children listened to me and they all left.

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