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the rising popularity of lower carb diets , cutting or reducing sugar from your diet has proven to be an important step in creating a healthy lifestyle. Low carb diets result in greater weight loss and even significantly more stable blood sugar levels for diabetics. Luckily there are some wonderfully tasty sugar free foods out there, including sugar free candy.

Sugar free candy is a great option for those sweets cravings, and can act as an appetite suppressant throughout the day. For example, hard candies can be savored for several minutes, making you feel satiated and satisfied and keeping your hunger in control. They are also helpful for alleviating dry mouth during the day. Hard candies can come in caramel flavors , peppermint, or even refreshing tropical flavors to name a few.

Sugarless gum is also a great option for the very same reasons, and also comes in dozens of delightful flavors. Gum is a great candy in that sugarless gum is actually good for your teeth and preventing tooth decay. Also, with 5 or so calories per stick or less you keep your mouth busy for a good long time, and gum has also been proven to mildly suppress hunger. Lastly , gum is such a popular candy that manufacturers are constantly coming up with new flavors and flavor combinations, so you’ll always have new and exciting flavors to try. A few days ago I tried a key lime pie flavor, and it was fabulous, so close to the actual thing!

If you are in the mood for chewy candy, there are many sugar free candy varieties that foot the bill. Sugar free jelly beans can be a fun way to treat your mouth to a great assortment of flavors and tastes without all the calories and sugar. Sometimes it’s even fun to combine flavors to create your own new flavor profile. Usually just a handful of jelly beans can be a satisfying snack without the guilt.

For the more decadent snack there are sugar free candy options that are very satisfying. Many popular candy bars and candies are now offered in sugar free versions , so you can enjoy the classics. From dark chocolate, to light milk chocolate, and everything in between, sugar free chocolate is tasty and fun to eat. Assorted boxed chocolates even come in sugar free varieties now, and allow you to pick from many flavors. Also , peanut butter cups, mints, and toffees come in sugar free varieties. You can find a tremendous amount of tasty sugar free candies out there that will satisfy your sugar craving while keeping you light on

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