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KHOLM Khris Middleton Womens Jersey , May 23 (Xinhua) -- Swedish research shows that nearly every third child who is injured in traffic accidents suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) one month after the accident, according to a statement released by the University of Gothenburg Friday.

"The children often experience much stress and fear in association with the accident, and may feel that their life is in danger. This can cause PTSD in the long term, and this may constitute a major obstacle in their everyday lives," researcher Eva Olofsson said.

A total of 292 children who had been injured in traffic in Gothenburg completed a questionnaire about residual consequences of the accident. The study showed one year after the accident Giannis Antetokounmpo Womens Jersey , 22 percent of the children were still suffering from related mental and psychosocial problems.

Residual mental problems were more common among children who had been in an accident than physical problems, which affected 16 percent of the children. However, the mental problems were not related to the severity of the physical injuries.

"My results suggest that the experience of having an accident has a greater effect that the actual physical injuries. To be injured as an unprotected pedestrian in an accident with a vehicle can be experienced as more stressful, more frightening and more threatening than, for example Jabari Parker Womens Jersey , a cycling accident with noone else involved," said Olofsson.

"We saw also that receiving care as an inpatient, with procedures that may be experienced as frightening in an unfamiliar environment, may produce more stress than receiving care at a clinic and being allowed home the same day," she added.

Only six out of ten children and adolescents who are involved in traffic accident wear a helmet when cycling Eric Bledsoe Womens Jersey , research showed.

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However while this is incredibly important, it becomes an even more serious decision when you are buying that property as an investment property. An investment property is any property that you buy mainly as a means of making money. You might still opt to live in your investment property, but it will be with the intention of selling it on after a certain period of time in order to increase your capital.

While some people will live in their investment properties Authentic Khris Middleton Jersey , often they will not, and in many cases the property is instead leased out to tenants who live there, or it is renovated 247 until briefly before you decide to sell.

There are many ways you can increase your profit on an investment property and this comes down to multiple factors – from how you choose the investment property that you are going to buy, to how you subsequently go about promoting it and finding a buyer, and then negotiating a price etc.

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